You’ve heard us tell you about Glow Workshops every now and then and you see the photos of people happily participating and the delicious meals they make and eat at the end of it. However, not everyone knows what exactly goes on during a Glow workshop. That’s why we’re here to tell you 5 things you can learn and do if you attend Glows‘ “Eat Well Feel Better” Cooking Workshop.

1. Delicious Recipes and Ideas from a Plant-Based Perspective

The thing that truly sets glow smoothies apart from any other smoothie out there is their commitment to being healthy plant-based smoothies (and the fact that they taste awesome). So, when you attend this workshop, with the help of Glow’s co-founder Amina Rashad and vegan environmentalist Yogini Amira Ayman, you’ll find yourself in a pool of plant-based food knowledge that you won’t want to get out of. They’ll show you all kinds of ways to veganize your favorite food, make delicious vegetarian/ vegan meals and give you fabulous recipes for all things plant-based.













2. Different Foods That Cause Inflammation and You Never Thought They Would

In case you didn’t know, Amina Rashad’s daughter Zeinab has a serious fight with inflammation in her body for years, till she turned vegan. This is why Amina really focuses on educating all the workshop participants on how the food you eat can aid in either making your body’s inflammation worse or better. You’ll get to learn about the different foods that can be making you feel worse while you thought they would never harm you.

3. Ingredients That Reduce Inflammation and How We Can Incorporate Them in Our Daily Diet

As mentioned above, you’ll actually get a list of food to help you start eating more for your body’s health. If that wasn’t enough already, among the goodies you receive at the end of the workshop you’ll get a lot of the ingredients needed to reduce inflammation in the body. They’ll even show you how to incorporate them in your daily diet so you’re changing your lifestyle for a happier healthier body.


4. Discovering That We Are All Different in Terms of What Makes Us Thrive and What Doesn’t

When you attend a “Eat Well Feel Better” workshop, you get to make some of the tasty plant-based meals they teach you about. Which means you also get to eat what you’ve made and that means you’ll discover first hand that not everything works for everyone. Amina and Amira will tell you about how we’re all different and what might work for them might not work for you. They will help you find out what works well with your body as well. It’s truly endless what you’ll get to learn in this workshop.


5. Wellness Tips and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Fun Fact: I actually found out that I’m not allergic to Aloe Vera after years of believing so, all thanks to Amina. She showed me how to test if I’m truly allergic to it or not. So, you don’t just learn about food-related wellness tips, you get a sort of mind body soul related advice. People who attend this particular workshop end up living differently afterward, even if it’s a small change, it’s still one for the better. When you mingle with the Glow team, you end up feeling eager to learn more and they help you do so by providing so many resources for their participants to benefit from.
So, if you were on the fence before, not knowing whether you should attend this workshop or not I think you won’t be anymore. Send this to your buddy who’ll love to attend the next ” Eat Well Feel Better” workshop with you.