If the amount of tech-breaches over the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that protecting your data and tech is very important. Big company’s, banks, even Yahoo and Gmail have all been subject to hackers and online security breaches. The past few years have seen major tech-hacks greatly impact so many different entities around the world.

You’re probably thinking that no one would want to hack into your computer, compared to someone like Mark Zuckerburg for example, the information on your computer is probably not as important. But the truth is, you are at risk of having your security-breached whether you’re a multi-national company or someone who uses their computer at home to play video games.

To help you protect your computer, your phone, and any other device you may use online, here are five easy steps to help keep you protected.


Use An Anti-Virus Program
Each year, hackers evolve and along side them computer viruses. This can only mean one thing; that the need for having an anti-virus program on your computer to protect your data is becoming more and more essential. Anti-virus programs allow you to check your computer for any possible threats and keep it constantly updated with the latest protection programs.

Don’t Use The Same Password For Everything
If a hacker manages to steal one of your passwords, and you use the same password for everything then they will easily make their way into all your accounts. This could mean your email, your online bank account, your Facebook and potentially any online account you may have. This is why it’s always advised to have multiple passwords and not use the same one for all your accounts.

Use Find My iPhone, iPad, and Mac
It’s very important to make sure your devices have a tracking app on them. If you’re using an Apple product, make sure ‘Find My iPhone’ is activated. This way if your device is ever stolen you’ll be abe to track it’s location and in the unfortunate event that you don’t find it you can erase all your data from the phone.

Put a sticker over your webcam
Some hackers are able to use software’s that allow them to turn on your webcam without you knowing. While this may not be very common, and you may never fall victim to this, just think about how creepy and unsafe it could be for you to be sitting at home watching Netflix on your laptop and someone somewhere in the world is watching you through your webcam. Better safe than sorry, a simple sticker to cover your webcam will keep you in charge of when you use your webcam.

Use Two-Step Verification
By using two-step verification for your online accounts, this adds security to your login process and makes it difficult for someone to log in to your account with just a password. The two-step verification process usually requires you to authenticate yourself on another device, such as your phone. Most companies, like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, allow for this option to keep your account highly protected.