If you’re familiar with the amount of waste that is produced in your house on a daily basis, then the notion of “Zero Waste” probably sounds intimidating. From your toiletries down to how you store your food, we all unknowingly create a ton of unnecessary waste every day. By the next morning, the trash is out of the house and thus out of sight out of mind. The “Zero-Waste” movement aims to raise awareness about the fact that most of your waste is not biodegradable, and cannot be recycled. This is why we should all try to produce less waste, which in the long term means creating less of the products that eliminate toxins in our environment and pollute our planet.
The move to a zero-waste lifestyle is an environment friendly decision that does not happen overnight, but rather with small simple steps that will eventually lead you there. But the big question still remains, where to start?


There are five basic steps to help put you in the “zero-waste” mindset and help you create a zero-waste home. Here are the Five R’s you need to consider:

Refuse what you do not need.

Reduce what you do need.

Reuse by using reusables.

Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse.

Rot (compost) the rest.





Here are 5 stepping-stones to help you achieve a Zero Waste home:

  1. Reusable Bags

Taking reusable cloth bags to the store will help you save a huge amount of waster per year. Instead of keeping all old plastic bags in a cupboard in your house, you’ll have reusable bags. Keep one in your car, in your room to remind you to use it when going shopping.

  1. Reusable Water Bottles

People tend to prefer bottled water as it is cleaner than tap water as the water in our sinks is undrinkable. But wen you add a filter, the scary water becomes drinkable and you can stop using plastic bottle waters and opt for reusable ones.

  1. Easy On The Paper Towels

How many of us are guilty of using at least 3 paper towels at a time to do whatever task they are needed for? The move to zero-waste means no more over-using paper towels and opting for a reusable towel (to clean mess ups, wipe your face…)

  1. Reusable Coffee Cups

If, like so many others, you tend to take your coffee to-go then investing in a reusable cup will go a long way. Just think about the amount of coffee cups you won’t have you throw away, and your coffee stays hot/cold longer!

  1. No More Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is probably the easiest most convenient way to store food, but using it produces a ton of waste daily. Instead of wasting so much plastic wrap, trying covering your bowls with another plate, or a silicone cover.


Photocredit: Going Zero Waste and Trash is for tossers