Ramadan is the month of family gatherings, late-night outings and hours in front of the TV. With such a hectic schedule, most women tend to end up neglecting themselves, forgetting to take care of how they look and feel. Self-care should not be a luxury, it should an essential part of your everyday. If you think that self-care takes too much time or money. We’re here to tell you that you can be doing small things every day to take care of yourself, the important thing is to remember to do what Unilever’s Ramadan advertisement is reminding us to do; خديوقتك.


If there are five self-care tips you should start adopting this Ramadan, they should be the following;


Don’t eat dessert for suhoor

When you eat and drink too much sugar, it affects your teeth’s health significantly. The sugar produces acids that damage the teeth, bring on decay and make your teeth lose their color and shine. Ramadan is all about hygiene and cleanness to avoid the decline in your teeth’s health this Ramadan, make sure you brush your teeth after having sugar and use a strong toothpaste, like Signal or Close Up, to fight the cavity away and have strong, fresh teeth through the long Ramadan days!

For your teeth’s health, use Close Up as it’s an Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash and gives you fresh breath that lasts 12 hours!

To fight cavity, use Signal to keep your teeth clean and your hygiene in check.



Find time to maintain your mental well being

Excessive food and sugar can lead to mood swings. Find something you love this Ramadan and take time for yourself to do it– sugar can greatly affect your mood so make sure amp up your self-care game. Try taking a couple of long baths each week and using scented soap as nice scents have the magical power of uplifting the mood and relaxing the body. In the midst of all the chaos and errands, it’s just as important to stop and خديوقتك, indulge in some self-care to give yourself the positive energy boost you need to keep going through the hectic Ramadan days and nights.

We recommend: Using Lux shower gel as its long-lasting fragrance lasts for 8 hours and gives you an energy boost to fight the long days of Ramadan


Make sure you take care of your skin

Nothing triggers breakouts quite like over-indulging on sugar do, as well as making your skin more prone to acne. If you’re going to eat sugar this Ramadan, you need to take time to care for your skin. A proper skin care routine – wash, tone, moisturize – will help keep your skin healthier. Using Dove’s cream or Vaseline’s lotion will help lock the moisture in and prevent your skin from drying up in the heat. It’s essential to hydrate during the long, hot Ramadan days where your body is deprived of water and your skin starts to dry up.


Keep Your Hair Fresh All Month Long

Taking care of your skin also means taking care of your hair. Dry skin can lead to your scalp drying up and causing flakes, which also means oily hair and a never-ending cycle of bad hair days. Using the right shampoos to keep your hair healthy while you fast is also essential. Try using any of the below-recommended shampoos to keep your hair fresh this Ramadan, خدي وقتكand make time to care for yourself, your health and your wellbeing!


For Dandruff:            

When it comes to fighting dandruff, you have to choose the right product so you are not left with dry hair.  Clear shampoo will do the job perfectly and leave your hair 5x softer as it’s infused with Vitamin E and B5 to nurture the scalp. Use Clear Shampoo to fight away dandruff caused by dehydration and long fasting hours.


For Natural Hair:       

 Tresemme Botanique contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and coconut milk, which leave you with clean hair that is 10x stronger. It is free from the harmful chemicals that dry our hair out; these are parabens, sulfates, and silicones.












For Hair Repair:       

The summer heat and fasting in Ramadan call for some deep hair nurturing. Use Dove shampoo with its new formula for an instant repair with progressive nourishment that deeply nourishes the hair to heal 90% of the damage preventing it from reoccurring.



Excessive consumption of sugar for a whole month will definitely have an impact on your weight, and not in the best way. The sugar you eat, or in other words the Konafa and Basbousa, will be stored as fat. So make sure you take the time to exercise and move or you’ll end up storing more fat this Ramadan. But remember, because our body is naturally detoxing this month, it’s important to use a strong deodorant when working out to avoid any embarrassing moments!

Rexona’s deodorant with Motion sense technology is the perfect Ramadan companion as it keeps you protected for 48 hours!

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