It’s true that most of our day is consumed with work, either commuting to and from it, or thinking about it when we come back home. It’s also true that one of our main sources of stress is work, because even if you love your job and what you do, you still can feel the pressure of a big work load or important responsibilities. That’s why we’re showing you 5 easy ways you can keep those unwanted offices stresses at arm’s length and find more peace in the workplace.


Organize Your Space

First things first, you can’t expect to have a calm day at work with minimal stress when your desk space looks like a meteorite recently landed on it. You need to clear out your space, remove any paper or books you don’t need anymore.

A nightly helpful tip is to clear out your drawer unit if you have one and designate a place for files that need immediate action and another for papers that can wait. This way you can know what you need to do right away and what you don’t need to worry about at the moment. Your mind will feel a lot clearer and a lot more organized when your eyes constantly see an organized, clean and tidy space. While you’re on it, make room for the upcoming of things mentioned on this list.


Get Comfy

Sometimes you can be having a particularly stress-free day at the office but feel your whole body tense up when you sit at your desk. It could be because the way you have your desk set up is uncomfortable for your spine and you don’t know it.

  1. If you work on a laptop, the screen has to been at eye level, so you don’t strain your neck either looking up or down at the screen.
  2. The keyboard as to be at arm’s length while making sure your shoulder blades are resting comfortably on the back of the chair.
  3. The chair you’re sitting on has to have lower back (Lumbar) support to ensure your entire spine is touching the back of the chair and is not compromised by long hours of sitting at your desk. If you can’t ask for such a chair at work you can place a small pillow at your lower back to give you more support.


Stress Ball

You might thing that it won’t work but never dis something till you try it. A stress ball is highly effective at releasing unwanted tension in your body that’s caused by accumulated stress just by using it 5 mins. whenever you feel stress building up. You could use it before a presentation or meeting that you know you might get out of frazzled. You could even use it while in the meeting, squeezing it underneath the meeting table, just make sure you do so conspicuously, no need to alert your superiors of their effect on your stress levels.


Feng Shui Your Desk with Plants

Sometimes the best thing you could do for the energy of your working space is add life to it. Some plants are perfect for removing negative energy from their surrounding space and they help make your desk a bit less of an eye sore.

  1. You could place a “Peace Lily” plant on your desk. Its white flower is gorgeous to look at and it actually removes harmful pathogens from the air! Its name is enough to add a sense of serenity to your desk.
  2. The “Pothos” plant is always a great choice especially for those who are still nurturing their green thumb. It grows prolifically and needs very little maintenance. Plus, its heart shaped leaves are beautiful to look at.
  3. “Orchids” are another great choice especially if you work well into the night, as this plant (unlike most plants) actually produces oxygen at night as well. So, you’ll feel refreshed and feel sharper with an orchid blooming next to you as your work.


Meditate, Meditate and Meditate

You might think, I work in an office space how can I meditate when I don’t have a mat to sit on, on top of wearing constricting clothes. Meditation can be done anywhere, at any time and you could even do it right after you read this.


Quick Meditation

Just close your eyes (or not, it just helps at first to better your focus), take a deep breath in through your nose, and let it out. Now, do it again while focusing on the small sensation you feel on the upper part of your lip as the breath goes in through your nose and out. Try to think of nothing else except that sensation on your skin, and every time your thoughts drift, just gently pull your attention back to your breath.

Set a timer for however long you want to do this simple meditative exercise even if it’s just one minute and notice how much calmer and less agitated you feel after you’ve done it just once. Each time you do this, try to set the timer for a longer period of time.


See, you can do so much to make sure your work space is a place you can nurture your soul and keep stress at bay. This article was inspired by Elevate, a company that offers solutions to other company experts and their employees. If you feel like stress is something that you can’t avoid even by doing all the above, Elevate can help come and give you ways you can improve your work situation for you and the rest of your team.