First of all let just say ‘Thank You”. The fact that you are here now reading this means you are actively saving the planet, that is dying. We all know our planet will outlive us, and maybe that’s the main reason most people don’t really give a second thought about the state we’re leaving Earth for those to come after us.

However, if you are reading this purely out of curiosity and don’t know why saving the planet has to be on your daily to-do list, then let me ask you this. How long do you think you can live in your current home if you treated it the same way you treat the planet. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me paint you a picture.

Imagine this:

Your home is filled with every single piece of plastic you used, which in case you didn’t know will decompose or disintegrate anywhere between 450-1000 years. You drink tap water that looks clean but is filled with microplastics that come from the synthetic clothes you machine wash, and that’s only if you’re lucky enough to have enough clean water in your home. Just like you can’t make an “opening” in the Ozone layer or atmosphere surrounding Earth to let in some fresh air”, you can’t open a window. So the smoke, greenhouse gases and carbon footprint you’re causing will be the air you breathe every day at home.

I know you might feel I’m being a bit dramatic but I promise the current situation our planet (the only one we’ll ever have) is in, requires a bit more drama than you think.


What can you do right now to help salvage the situation and put yourself on the right track to a healthier happy home (aka, your planet)?


1. Time those showers

Ever since the water crisis in Capetown and I’m surprised at how other countries are not addressing the water shortage that is our inevitable fate if we keep treating water as an infinite resource. If you don’t know what crisis I’m talking about, then you’re using Facebook wrong. That’s why a fantastic way to cut down on your water usage is to time your showers. But, instead of using a lame old timer, use your current favorite song. Dare yourself to start and finish your entire shower by the time your song finishes. So, you’ll be helping save the planet and having a shower dance party of one!


2. Get on the “Reusables” train

Single-use plastic really is one of the biggest evils plaguing our environment. Although it’s really easy to cut down drastically on your single-use plastic, I don’t find a lot of passengers on this lonely train. You can do so simply by just doing 3 swaps.

  1. Swap your plastic water bottle for a reusable glass, aluminum or even a plastic one as a last resort. (at least it won’t be single-use)
  2. Swap your plastic straw for a metal one, or simply say no to plastic straws next time you’re ordering a drink in a cafe.
  3. Swap the plastic bags grocery stores give you for a reusable canvas one of your own.


3. Composting is your friend.

When it comes to food waste, it’s highly detrimental to our natural resources to not take notice of just how much we’re wasting every day. The first step to combat food waste is to monitor your portions next time you’re in the grocery store. Make sure you’re buying exactly what you need, so you don’t buy too much and end up throwing the rest. On the other hand, you could be buying groceries in the right amount and still end up with waste, because things like vegetable peels and stems don’t get consumed. So, instead of throwing them and adding to the never-ending pile of trash we have on Earth. Compost your waste and make a natural fertilizer that you can use for your home garden. Speaking of gardens.


4. Grow your own vegetables

I know this one may seem a bit extreme, but I’m not saying you start your own farm. Start small, planting tomatoes, mint, herbs, cucumber. Doing so, you’ll be adding to your food resources, saving money and fueling your body with only the best organic pesticide-free produce. Plus, it feels extremely cool eating something you grew yourself. Yes, saving the planet feels cooler than you think.


5. Be mindful with your electricity usage

We could all take a page or two of the caveman handbook and start using electricity as if we don’t always have access to it. Being mindful about when you switch that light on is one way to go about cave-maning it. Using natural light sources during the day and not turning the light on, is another way to cut down your carbon footprint. You can even strategically place the mirrors you have around the house to maximize your natural light source, rendering you in no need for artificial light bulbs. Then, when it’s dark, you could dedicate a day in the month for candle use only. So you use candles to light your home, and you don’t use electricity for the rest of the day.

If you do even one of these actionable changes in your life right now, you’ll be one of the few the planet has to thank for it’s hopefully avoidable demise. Share this with a friend and plan how you’ll be heros of Earth together.