You’re moving and more often than not, it’s something to get excited about. However, no matter how much you’re looking forward to the move it’s still a daunting task, especially when it comes to decorating your new place. You don’t know where to begin, or how your old furniture will fit in the new space. More importantly, you want to feel prepared going in. So, to help you feel like you’ve got a handle on the whole move we’ve asked the founders of one of the oldest and pronounced furniture showrooms in the country, Artissimo, to give us their 5 most valuable tips when moving houses.


Decide What You’ll Actually Take with You in the Move

One of the best things about moving to a new space is that you get to start fresh. That means this is the perfect time for you to take a real inventory of everything you own and decide what you want to take with you and what you’d rather donate or leave behind. You can throw away or donate anything you haven’t used in the past two years. Or you could follow KonMarie’s method and discard anything that doesn’t spark joy the moment you pick it up. Whatever you choose you’ll feel a lot better about the move knowing that you’ll be getting with you only the items that make sense in your life. Also, there is no point in packing and unpacking items only to find out that you don’t even want them anymore.


Be Organized and Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space

After you’ve hopefully discarded everything you no longer feel the need to have in your life, you need to see if your new space can accommodate everything you’re taking with you. Try to calculate exactly how much space your clothes will take in your wardrobe for instance. Visualize how you want them sorted and whether you’ll be storing your off-season clothes or not to decide if you need additional storage space in the form of an armoire or cabinets.


If you plan ahead, you won’t find yourself lost in the middle of your new overflowing closet space not knowing what to do with the pile of clothes on the floor. You need to do this with everything else you own including books, treasured items, paper, makeup, and accessories and the list goes on.


Think of How You Are Going to Display the Things You Love in Your New Home

So many people suffer from feeling like their new home doesn’t feel like exactly that, a home. It doesn’t give you that sense of safety and joy when you go in. The best way to help your new space feel like it truly represents you and what you love is to visualize how you want your space to be and how you want to feel in it. Aren’t we all the happiest when we are surrounded by what we love in our own home!



This means you need to find out what your most cherished items are exactly. They can be anything from your favorite chair to your favorite vase. Then plan how you want to display these items in your new home. Think of placing them somewhere you. an see them all the time. This will instantly help your new space feel more like a home than a house and it will give you all the warm cozy feels.


Rethink How Lighting and Plants and Accessories Can Make a House into a Home

Another way you can make your home feel like your sanctuary is to think of how you want to incorporate elements from Mother Nature in your space. Plants can be a great way to help ease you into a new space as your soul will appreciate the connection with Mother Earth, making you feel at ease in your home. As with everything else you need to think and plan for where exactly you want to green friends to live in your home, so you can prepare and find cute pots that would fit the feel of your space and decor.

The same goes or lighting. Try to think of your favorite room in the old home you’re moving out of and take note of how the lighting in that room plays a role in how you feel in it. Think ahead and decide now before you move how you want to light your house to decide where you’ll place those side table lamps, those light fixtures and if you’ll need an indirect light source. This is a step your future self will thank you for when the time comes and you move.

Reupholstering Is Your Best Friend

When people move to a brand new place, they tend to feel the need to buy everything new as well. We understand it’s like having a brand new start on life. However, the cost of moving itself was probably not so kind on your bank account. That means buying new furniture can be even more daunting than the move itself.

So, instead of spending so much money, time and effort on new items, you can re-upholster your favorite pieces. Reupholstering them means you remove the old fabric/contents of your furniture pieces and use brand new fabric/content on the pieces. You can do this with your favorite chair, sofa or ottoman even. This can do wonders to help your bank account stay happy if you do this with your sofa for instance, as a sofa’s price is highly determined by the type of fabric used. So, say hello to old pieces with brand new vibes!


Now you know these essential 5 tips to help this life-changing transition a bit easier, we’re happy to tell you that Artissimo can help you in each and every one of them. You can find beautiful pots for those plants you want to adorn your home with, light fixtures and lamps to help with lighting right in their showrooms. They even can re-upholster your good old couch with their vast array of imported and local fabrics.

After you’ve bought your new home accessories from Artissimo, they’ll come to install it and help show you the best place to add it to your home. Their service just doesn’t stop at the purchase you make, they really do care that you find joy in what you’re buying, so they help as much as they can after you’ve bought it as well. I love a company who cares about their customers and that’s what Artissimo is, a company who cares.