Let’s get real, most people think that all they have to do to ensure a clean fresh face is to cleanse it first thing in the morning and cleanse it late at night. If you were one of them then you’re in for a big surprise because we’re about to show you 5 times you think you have a clean face when actually you don’t. Hold tight, this is going to be an eye-opener.


Early Morning 

Just in case you didn’t know, you still need to cleanse your face when you wake up even if you washed your face before you went to bed the night. During sleep, your skin is in recovery mode. That means it secrets sebum (oils) to keep your face nourished as you slumber. As great as that sounds if you don’t use a proper cleanser when you wake up to remove that excess sebum you’ll be applying your morning routine on an oily face which can very much cause your pores to get clogged. Clogged pores can lead to bigger-looking pores, so you most definitely want to make sure you use a cleanser like Garnier Micellar Water (400ML).

This way of cleansing your face, in particular, is quite effective as Garnier’s Micellar Water cleanses your face and removes oils, sebum, dirt and pretty much everything else while still respecting your skin and it’s sensitivity. You will not feel like your face has been stripped of its natural oils and your skin will thank you for it.


Right Before Applying Makeup

Let’s say you woke up, cleansed your face and chilled on the couch watching Netflix for the better part of the day. Then all of a sudden your friends call you up for a night on the town. You go to your vanity, give your face a quick look, and remember that you cleansed it when you woke up so you start applying your makeup thinking that your face is still clean. Don’t worry, this is a trap most people fall into, you’re not alone.

Your face has this annoying habit of collecting dirt, sweat and any air pollutants it comes in contact with along the day. That means even if you haven’t left the couch all day, you still managed to have dirt and God knows what stuck on your face. So, if you go on and apply makeup on that supposedly “clean” face, you’re actually applying makeup on all those impurities on your face.

This is a recipe for acne if you ask me (or any dermatologist for that matter). Right before applying makeup you need to give your face a good cleanse with Garnier Micellar Water to make sure it’s rid of any impurities. The best thing about using this micellar water is that you don’t need to rinse it afterward so you have no excuse to skip this step before you apply your makeup


Before Working Out

We all know that during a vigorous workout our bodies sweat (a no brainer I know). But what most of you don’t know is that if your face is not clean and you start sweating, you’re yet again preparing your face for an acne filled future. Your pores open up when you work out because your body temperature rises, hence the sweating. That means it’s the perfect time for your skin to rid itself of the impurities and toxins that are inside it.

However, if your skin has makeup on it or is not properly cleaned before you start sweating, your pores will get clogged and your skin will suffer. You need to make sure to wipe your face clean from any makeup or dirt with Garnier Micellar Water Wipes so its free to sweat out the toxins and keep your pores clean.


Pro Tip: Make sure you store your wipes upside down to ensure the top wipe doesn’t dry out.


After working out

You’re probably thinking there is no way I need to cleanse my face both before and after working out, surprise, you really do. If you don’t immediately cleanse your face from the sweat after your workout session you’re setting your face up for acne! The sweat will dry up on your face, clogging your pores. If you wait till you go home to cleanse it, then you’re not being very kind to your skin. Your pores open up when after a sweaty workout session and as you cool down afterward your pores start to close up again. You don’t want them to close up on the sweat and toxins your skin just released.

You need to physically remove the toxic gunge you just sweat out, that’s why wetting your cotton pad, tissue or clean towel with the smaller version of Garnier Micellar Water is the perfect way to make sure your skin doesn’t get clogged and will be acne free till you shower. The best thing is that Garnier added a new size to their Micellar Water family that is 100ML. That means it’s so small, it fits easily in your purse or workout/gym bag.


Before Going to Bed

You probably know this one because no matter what you did the entire day you absolutely must cleanse your face before you go to bed. Even if you’re too tired (or lazy) to do your night skin care routine, you still need your face to be clean. That’s why we love using Garnier Micellar Water because it’s so easy to use, you can do it in bed. Just grab a cotton round and wipe your face from all the day’s pollution, sweat, makeup and everything else. There’s nothing like going to bed with a happy clean face.


There you have it, 5 times you probably didn’t know your skin needs to be gently cleansed for you to avoid any trips to Acne-Ville. Doing this actually might solve the mystery of those random zits that keep showing up every now and then.