Joining a new gym, a new sport or a new aerobics studio can be very exciting and overwhelming at first. You find a class you like and you stick to it, the next thing you know 3 months have passed by and you’ve been going to the same cardio class. Yet, you’re wondering why you haven’t reached your body goal. If this has happened to you, then you need to know why going to the same class over and over again is not the way to go.

A complete exercise program should not be just about attending one class or the same type of class all the time, it should be a balance between several types of classes. A complete exercise program should be compromised of cardio classes, strength classes, and flexibility classes.


Combine Cardio, Strength & Flexibility classes

Combining cardio, strength, and flexibility-based classes into your exercise routine will help you achieve the best results.

Do Cardio classes around 5 times a week

Cardio should be done around 4 or 5 times a week, alongside your exercise routine and not on its own.

Types Of Classes: Dancing, Belly Dancing, Zumba 

Dance with Nabila in Slimnastics studio 

Do strength resistance classes 2-3 times a week

Strength training (or resistance training) helps build stronger muscles. This type of exercise should be incorporated into your workout routine 2 or 3 times a week on non-consecutive days.

Types Of Classes: Circuit Training, Boot Camp, 

Don’t forget to stretch

Stretching is very important after exercising as it helps you avoid injuries as well as improving your range of motion. Stretching is recommended after every time you exercise. Attending flexibility classes twice a week can also further help by avoiding injuries and increasing range of motion.

Types Of Classes: Yoga, Pilates, Booty Barre 

Dalia Omar‘s booty barre class in Slimnastics studio 

Don’t stick to one type of class

Avoid doing cardio only or flexibility only classes if you have a certain goal in mind. Doing one type of exercise only will not get you optimal results.


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