“To travel is to live,” Hans Christian Andersen said it best. I can’t think of one person who would disagree. The joys of traveling are about as many as there are stars in our galaxy. However, what if you are traveling somewhere far away that half your travel budget is going to be your airline ticket? If that’s the case, don’t worry, after these 5 tricks, you’re going to be getting the cheapest flight tickets to your dream destinations.

1. Private tabs are your best friend

It turns out that if you keep searching for flight tickets to a recurring destination, the airline sites get sneaky and try to trick you into making a quick buying decision by raising the prices of airline tickets. That’s why you should do all your travel planning online in the”Private” tab on Safari and “Incognito” on Chrome. This way, no site can track your cookies and you’ll keep finding the cheapest tickets no matter how much you search.

2. Go to a flight search engine

When it comes to looking for cheap flight tickets, leave it to the experts. Don’t go to the airline site first, check sites like ‘Skyscanner, “Kayak” and “JetRadar”. These sites sift through all the ticket options out there and filter them for you by price, connection type and trip duration. Then if you have a ticket that suits your budget, go to the corresponding airline site and check if they have any offers on it.


3. Book from a 3rd world country

Yes, you heard that right. We got this piece of info right from the mouth of a travel agent. Apparently, if you, for instance, live in Australia and are heading to Egypt, let someone in Egypt book the flight for you. Search engines apparently pick up on your IP address (that’s the location of your computer) and if you’re in a 1st world country, they’ll show you higher priced flights than if you were in a 3rd world country.


4. Book a year in advance

I know most people plan their travels 3 or 4 months and that is adequate time for sure. But, if you plan your trips a year in advance you can actually check which month is the cheapest for you to travel in. Sites like Skyscanner actually allow you to search for the cheapest flights per month. So, after you choose the cheapest month for your travels, you can fly on the cheapest days as well.


5. Book your own connecting flights

It’s true that the cheaper flights are usually the longer ones with more or one connections and long layovers. But, if you do find a flight ticket within your budget, try to replicate it by buying your own connecting flight. More times than not, you’ll find that you just made the flight cheaper.


See, it’s really quite easy to find the cheapest flight tickets online. Share this with your travel buddy and share the cheap flight love! Speaking of traveling, if the next trip you’re planning is your honeymoon we’ve got a packing list specifically for you.