Many events and significant political changes took place in our world from the moment I thought of writing this piece a few weeks ago, until today. First there was the nightclub shooting in Turkey, then Trump’s inauguration, then more shooting in Québec and last but not least the US travel ban, to name a few…

Anyway this is not at all a political piece; this is just my two cents on how we could help our world become a much better place with more tolerance, acceptance and respect.

Our world is nothing but millions of families put together, so maybe it’s time we start allowing those families to merge and become one big family; maybe then the violence and hatred would decrease.

Meeting cross-cultural families gives me faith in humanity. I believe the kids who grow up in a house that has more than one culture, one faith or one race, turn out to be very interesting characters and here’s why:

  1. They grow up to be very knowledgeable. Imagine being taught about the history and traditions of two countries while learning two languages from the minute you’re born.
  2. They get to celebrate lots of events and holidays – don’t we all look for reasons to celebrate?
  3. They tend to be more tolerant and less judgmental because they came into close contact with diverse environments and have learned to accept and respect others the way they are.
  4. They relate to minorities because part of them will always be foreign wherever they go.
  5. They adapt to new ideas and are open to change, especially if they have family scattered across the globe, and with each visit they learn more about their backgrounds.

I know cross cultural marriages may not be for everyone, but if we believe that we’re all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve and that we truly are all the same regardless of our skin color, the language we speak or which God we pray to, if we decide to pray then maybe it’s time we allow the world to come full circle…

I’m not suggesting that everyone should move to Asia and marry a local there; I just believe that we all need to be more open and if we see this happen or if that’s one of our children then let’s encourage and support them. People can share the same values even though they don’t come from the same country/faith.

After all, a better world starts within one’s household, so let’s start teaching our kids more and more about tolerance and acceptance.

Our world needs more love!