We have partnered up with Maadi British International School ( MBIS) to create content that would help parents learn more about how to give their child the absolute best when it comes to learning experiences. Through their proven excellence in what they do, we could think of no one better to work with us on bringing important topics to light.

In today’s fast-paced world, raising your child in a way that allows them to take on whatever challenges life may throw their way is no easy feat. Parents often find themselves wondering how it is possible to create the perfect balance between encouraging their children’s individuality and keeping their behavior in check- that challenging balance between independence and trust.

With our partnership with MBIS, we have decided to present to you a few creative ways to help you guide your kids towards being responsible and independent.


Don’t Just Push Them to Apologize:

It may often seem like the ‘right’ way of parenting, but pushing your child to apologize for a mistake without having a discussion can actually backfire. You want them to feel responsible because they realize they committed a mistake not simply because you told them to. The best way to tackle this issue is to sit them down and have a simple discussion. Ask them why they acted that way, explain to them how that makes you feel, ask them how that makes them feel and then ask them what they think is the right way to handle the situation. Remember, always listen and understand your child and let them explain to you their thoughts and feelings.
Be Their Example:

It is often seen as pivotal in carrying out your parenting role to seem perfect to your child. The thing is, though, if they see that their parent faces some challenges and chooses to bravely conquer them, they will look up to them. Don’t be afraid to show your children that you, yourself, aren’t perfect, but you try to take responsibility for your actions. Be their example, always.


Make The Mundane Chores Fun:

Admit it, even you, as a parent, hate chores; because who, in their right mind, loves them, right? Well, then, you have to understand that your children need you to exert some effort to make them like chores a little more. Put on some music while you wash the dishes, laugh with them and encourage their trials as they put the pillow cases the wrong way for the tenth time. Be supportive, not bossy.


Allow Them to Make Their Own Decisions Sometimes:

It all starts with giving them a boost of confidence. Allow your child to have a voice of their own. Let them pick their outfits or ask them to give you advice. When a child is given the space to express themselves freely, they will blossom into self-confident adults.


Let Them Manage Their Own Allowance:

When your child is old enough to have their own allowance (and this can start early on!) it is time to take your parenting to the next level. Ensure the allowance is not too little – or crucially – too much! Encouraging them to save for things they would like helps develop a sense of value. Moreover, tying some additional allowance with particular household chores helps develops an early work ethic. Encouraging your child to donate some of their money to a worthy cause is a very powerful step to them becoming a rounded, responsible adult.


On an ending note, you must always remember that parenting is a  long-term challenge that reaps gradual results. Don’t feel pressured to have your child learn all about responsibility immediately- on the contrary, simply walk them through the learning process. Instilling a virtue or a habit in your child will take time and always needs to be a good, open-minded listener. Responsibility, on a more specific level, requires that you both listen to their thoughts and cheer on their voice of individuality.