4 Ways to Naturally Remove Your Makeup

4 Ways to Naturally Remove Your Makeup

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It is already bad enough that many makeup products have some added chemicals, so using chemical-infested makeup removers will only add insult to injury. The fact of the matter, there are so many all-natural ways to remove makeup and leave your face feeling all sparkly clean and refreshed. Here are some of my favourites:

Removing Eye Makeup:

This is the most sensitive part of the face and so it needs to be delicately treated. My absolute favourite product to use to remove all the smudgy eyeliner and eyeshadow is all-natural coconut oil. Just dab some of it on the skin and use a cotton ball to gently wipe away all the makeup- works like a charm!

Removing False Lashes:

False lashes deserve a whole paragraph on their own ’cause they can be pretty tricky to remove. The fool-proof way to remove is by using baby oil, which is usually chemical-free as it is made for super sensitive baby skin. Simply dip a cotton swab in baby oil and gently move it across the lashes till they become loose and you’re done!

Removing Face Makeup: 

The problem with foundation is that it covers the entire face, add to that layers of bronzer, blusher and setting powder and your face is literally saturated with products! I simply use store-bought milk and add a few drops of sweet almond oil to it, dip a cotton ball into the mixture and wipe away all the makeup. It always leaves my skin feeling totally rejuvenated.

Removing Lipstick:

For the lips, I always like to scrub off any dead skin along with the lip product so I remove the lipstick using a DIY lip scrub. Simply mix sugar with Jojoba oil then lather your lips with the mixture. Use a cotton ball or a cloth to remove all the product and your lips will feel as smooth as ever!

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