Ramadan has its very own routine according to its Sohour and Iftar timings. So, we tend to find ourselves divided into two groups; first one thinks that those 16 hours we spend while fasting are not considered to be productive, not even at work. While the second group feels like those long hours are a great opportunity to do what they are not able to do in days outside of Ramadan. Since both are quite doable, why not try to join the second group even for a couple of days and see how it goes? You can even do it on the weekend.

So, here is a list of things you can do while fasting to give you an idea of how you can spend your day when you’re not praying and reading Quran.


1- Shopping


Low traffic shops are the best shops you can shop at ever, right shoppers? You will definitely find that peaceful shopping experience in Ramadan mornings. Shopping doesn’t have to be clothes shopping, it can even be grocery shopping. If you feel too tired to go out you can do it online as well.



2- Charity


Since it is a spiritual month after all, why not give it a try to actually do something by yourself that will both; make you happy and occupied till Iftar? Charity acts can be a lot of things, depending on your interest or the activity you want to do. It can be packing boxes, preparing meals, or just serving food in Mayidet Rahman.



3- Read


Besides reading the Quran in the holy month, you can also read the books that have been hiding on your desk for so long now because you didn’t have the time or the mental capacity to read. Since mostly work in Ramadan is not as hectic and as long as the rest of the year, you can use the extra free time you get for your own self-development and books are key indeed.


4- A Walk/ Bike ride



If you walked for an hour every day before Iftar, you will both lose weight and actually explore the streets around your home with a total new lense, since it’s almost sunset and the streets are probably empty. Oh, and you can take a ride with your bike too if you are not into walking that much.


5- Netflix The Day Away


Had to state this one because we all do it whether we want to or not, there is just something about Ramadan and watching television that is so paradox yet real. Just do not end up binge watching every series on planet earth, please.