Your mind is your most valuable and powerful asset. The saying of “What you think you become”, sums it all up. The moment you realize that you can change your whole life, and attain all you want through your mind, will be the twisting point of your fate. 

Out of everything and everyone you may blame as the reason for your unsatisfaction, your own mind could be the only one cause standing in your way and blocking your happiness. Just like the water flows from the water tank all the way to the water pipes, your thoughts up in your mind give off vibes whether positive or negative, that vibrate and make their way through your entire body and then simultaneously affect your surroundings and state of being. 

Here’s how you can transform your life through your mind:


 1. The Law of Attraction

If you wake up in a bad mood, thinking to yourself that your whole day will be dreadful and unpleasant, then that is exactly how it is gonna be. You will have a bad hair day, you will accidentally burn your shirt while you iron it, you will go all the way to work and figure you forgot your laptop, etc..  All the negative incident became attracted to you.

It is also true the other way around. If you wake up thinking positive thoughts, positive things will come your way. Even if things go wrong, your mind is clear enough to find solutions to fix them instead of surrendering to the situation. By creating a negative platform in our heads, we are blocking a clear path in our minds to follow. 


 2. Making the Best out of a Bad Situation

Train your mind to believe that every time something bad happens in your life, it is not because God or the Universe is punishing you. Instead, that unpleasant incident is teaching you a valuable lesson or preparing you for the next big step in your life. Every little event that occurs in your life, is only a part of a bigger picture. So, if something happens that you would typically identify as something unpleasant, I suggest you give it a second thought. 

Try to look at the bigger picture, and you may end up realizing that you misidentified the situation. In other words, not everything you assume is bad, is actually bad. It could have happened to prevent a worse situation from taking place. Moral of the story, always be grateful for what comes your way and don’t beat yourself up for it happening.


 3. The Art of Letting Go

The contradiction behind letting go is the belief that the more you hold on, the more control you have. However, the truth is the moment you start feeling the need to hold onto something tighter or chase it, is the same moment you should realize you already lost it. 

A concept so many of us fail to understand is that what’s meant to be ours will always find it’s way to us or back to us no matter what. Fate is fate. If you are tempted to chase after someone that left you by their own will, chances are they were not meant to be in your life in the first place or were meant to be present for only a short period of time. The same goes for job opportunities, friendships, accommodations, etc.. If something gets taken away from you, it means something better is on its way to you.


4. Quit the,” I Will Be Happy When…”, toxic Mindset

We live in a very busy and demanding world, a world with many distractions that disable us from being able to live in the present moment. We are always stuck in a cycle of either; contemplating our past or worrying about our future. 

You have all experienced moments where you thought, “ I’ll be happy when I become rich, or “I’ll be happy when I am no longer single”, or “I’ll be happy when I lose weight”. The truth is you can reach all of these goals and still be unhappy. That is because we treat happiness as a destination rather than a journey of ups and downs. If you are unhappy single, chances are you will still be unhappy when you are in a relationship. 

Happiness is internal, not external, it comes from within. Any external happiness is fake and unlikely to last long. If you keep searching for happiness elsewhere you will never be able to get a taste of true happiness.


5. Don’t Block Your Emotions

Growing up, we have always been told that crying and complaining is for the weak. Many of us end up feeling ashamed if they show their love or feelings especially males. In fact, blocking out your emotions and keeping them inside you unexpressed is the perfect recipe for depression, aggression, and a lacking communication skills. Always allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and don’t pretend to feel something you are not. 

When you are feeling happy, express it; laugh, scream, and hug your loved ones. If you are feeling sad or hurt, learn to talk about it and choose the right people to vent to. If you are angry, learn to take out your anger in a correct way without harming yourself or anyone around you. Train your mind to help you calm yourself down so you can think clearly, then choose the way you want to cope with it, whether it’s exercising, writing, kickboxing or even music.



You can always twist around your life the way you want by viewing things from a different perspective. It is never too late to train your mind to see the good in every bad situation and learning to let go of what doesn’t serve you or add to your life in a good way.