It is no secret that getting outside and breathing some fresh summer air can do wonders for your mental state, and transforming your outdoor space into a hangout-friendly area means you can enjoy summer, day or night. Outdoor space should be used as an extension of your home, so make the most of it and get settle in outside.

Get Comfy
get comfy
It may be steamy during the day, but outdoor spaces can get a little chilly as the sun goes down and the night begins. Having cushions, throws, and blankets to keep comfy and cozy up with as the weather cools will keep you warm and add a homey feel to the space. This is a great opportunity to be bold and experiment with different colors, textures, and materials.

String Lights
string lights
Ditch the traditional lighting and go for string lights instead for an instant transformation of your balcony or patio. The calm and warm color of string lights help inject a sense of homey-ness to the space and promote relaxation too, so avoid bright white or florescent lighting as a main light source outdoors. You can even search for battery operated lights if you don’t have a power socket nearby.

Greens and Florals
greens and florals
There’s no better time than summer to inject some color into your space. Bringing nature home by investing in some flowers and plants will make everything look prettier, but is excellent for your health too.
succulents 2If you don’t want the responsibility of having to water plants everyday opt for desert appropriate succulents that don’t require much water and love the sun! They come in a variety of shades and sizes. If even that seems too much to handle, fake your greenery and invest in artificial plants.

Light Materials
light furniture
Upholstery has a huge effect on how the overall look and feel of the room. Using light colors helps attract more light into your space to give it a bigger, more airy feel. Paired with sleek and delicate furniture accents, light shades also create a unique sense of luxury. It’s exactly what summertime calls for!

Mix and Match
mix and match
Mix and match different materials for an informal approach to outdoor dining or seating. If you’d rather keep the color on the table, add charm with an assortment of casual chairs in different styles. Cushions are also a great opportunity to blend your different tastes together by mixing sizes, shapes and patterns.