In a world where almost everything we use is loaded with chemicals and ingredient we cannot even pronounce, it is hard to take even the smallest of steps back to nature- it’ll be defying what we were always taught was the norm. The thing is though, using chemical-laden products only results in a vicious cycle where we are both dependent on them and yet unsatisfied with the results.

Take hair products, for example, who have never-ending lists of ingredients yet rarely do we ever feel satisfied with how our hair naturally looks and feels. We were, however, absolutely delighted to hear that Tresemme, one of the world’s most prominent hair care brands, is releasing a new line of shampoo and conditioner that contains a lot of natural ingredients that our hair loves. We have partnered up with Tresemme Botanique, the amazing line made with Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera extracts to bring to you the exact reasons why you should be using products that are infused with natural ingredients to wash and take care of your hair.


Retain Scalp Moisture & Accelerate Hair Growth

Harsh chemicals tend to strip the scalp from its moisture due to depleting its natural content of moisturizing oils. A dry scalp stunts hair growth and so you end up with an overall unhealthy scalp and very slow hair growth. Natural ingredients allow the scalp to remain healthily moisturized and so promote hair growth.


No Product Build Up

Some chemicals are insoluble and so they tend to stick to your hair strands and scalp. This, in turn, allows the product to build up in your hair which puts a heavy weight on it and ends up weakening the hair strands. This can cause breakage. Using a product that is enriched with natural ingredients will help remove any excess build up in the hair, leaving you with weightless and stronger hair. Tresemme Botanique contains aloe vera and coconut milk, which leave you with clean hair that is 10x stronger!

No Toxicity

Conventional shampoos are full of chemicals that can be super toxic to the body like sulfates and parabens. These chemicals are absorbed by the body through the scalp and can cause a myriad of health problems. Tresemme Botanique line is free from the harmful chemicals that dry our hair out; these are parabens, sulfates, and silicones.


Keep Your Hair Looking Vibrant

Shampoos that are filled with sulfate and silicone basically strip away the life and shine from your hair due to how harsh they are. Instead of making your actual hair healthier and shiny, they create a plastic coat around the hair which in the long run makes it weaker, drier and frizzier. This is why you should choose shampoos that contain natural ingredients and are sulfate and silicone-free. The Tresemme Botanique line is infused with natural ingredients that leave your hair looking like you just had a salon-treatment!


Coconut and Aloe Vera Benefits

Choosing shampoos that have coconut and aloe vera in their ingredients will help you maintain healthy hair. Both coconut and aloe vera are great for fighting hair loss, helping fight dandruff as well as keeping the moisture locked into your hair to create luscious locks.