If you have been waking up every day feeling sluggish, bloated, and just feel like all your limps feel like balloon material then you most likely have been experiencing water retention symptoms. Water retention can ruin your mood and make you feel very irritated when you’re trying clothes, shoes, and accessories on, or just make you feel bulgy.


In the article below, we will tell you all about the causes, signs and how to get rid of the excess water trapped inside your body.


What is Water Retention?

Water retention is also known as Oedema. It occurs when there is an excess of unwanted water stored in your body tissues. Thus, causing swelling in the limbs of your body.


Water Retention Signs

If you happen to experience any 3 or more of these signs then you most likely have an excess of fluid in your body.

  1. Bloated abdomen
  2. Stiffness in movement
  3. Inflexible joints
  4. Swollen ankles, knees, and feet
  5. Puffy face
  6. Weight fluctuations


Causes Of Water Retention

Not all people who suffer from water retention, suffer from the same cause. An excess of fluid in your body can be caused by various different reasons. It can be wrong food choices, or it can just be from the environment around you. Below, are 5 of the most common causes:


High Salt Intake:

Most of the products being sold to us, usually the processed goods, contain massive amounts of sodium to help keep the food from going bad. More cases than not, the amount of sodium is too great for the portion you’re buying. Take care when consuming sodium dense foods and don’t add any extra salt when you’re eating them.



For the females who feel bloated a week or two before their menstrual cycles. This could be the reason. Pregnancy can also set off hormones that encourage water retention.


Hot Temperature Weather:

If you happen to live in a tropical, or hot area then that could be the cause of your water retention. The body is constantly striving to survive and stay hydrated. When your surrounding is dry, the body tries to stay hydrated and moistened thus, retaining water in as long as possible.


Some Medication:

Some prescription drugs can be an underlying cause of water retention. Medication such as; blood pressure drugs, anti-inflammatories, and corticosteroids can all be the culprit of your water retention.

Thyroid Diseases:

Water retention can sometimes be one of the signs of a serious medical condition such as thyroid disease. If your water retention remains after you tried to treat it, then you should visit a doctor to stay on the safe side.



How To Get Rid Of Water Retention?

1. Load up on Protein:

Adding more protein-rich foods in your diet can majorly help in reducing water retention. That is because protein has water-balancing properties.


2. Cut Back on Those Dehydrating Drinks: (you know what they are)

Cutting back on drinks that are high in caffeine such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks can help reduce water retention greatly.


3. Step-Up Your Water Game:

When you don’t provide enough water for your body, your body stores all the water it has until you provide it again. So, if you drink enough water from the start, your body won’t retain water.


4. Stay Active During the Day:

When you stay active, your body sweats out all toxins and excess water. Try to incorporate at least 20-30 min of exercise during your day.


5. Lie down on Your Back and Elevate Your Legs:

Sometimes, when you sit and stand for prolonged periods of time, your body retains fluids. However, when you lie on your back and elevate your legs, your body drains out its fluids from your body tissues.



6. Choose Potassium and Magnesium-Rich Foods :

These minerals are proven to help reduce water retention. Foods such as; bananas, avocados, nuts, seeds and whole grains can be very beneficial to your condition.



By now, you should have figured if what you’re feeling is really water retention and have also learned how to treat it on your own. If your symptoms don’t go away after trying these tips then, we advise you to visit your doctor as soon as possible.