Bye, bye Ombré and welcome hair contouring. Similar to Ecaille and Balayage, hair contouring is a hair coloring technique set to trend in 2016.

What exactly is it?
This coloring technique is created by mixing light shades to highlight certain facial features, and using darker shades to give a shadow effect.

The difference between Balayage and hair contouring is that Balayage is randomly and softly applied as if it’s sun kissed, but hair contouring is very well calculated upon your facial shape so it’s more customized! Facial shape is a very important element in hair contouring, as every shape has its own technique.

If you aren’t into making big changes with your hair, contouring can be tailored close to your own natural tones. Color variation is your own, personal choice. Length doesn’t limit you either, as the effect can be done on long, short and mid-length cuts.

Not just any salon in Egypt may know about hair contouring yet, so start by describing the technique to your hair dresser instead of asking for it by name. More major salons should be familiar with it, however, and we recommend Pace e Luce, Chez Richard and Mohamed Al Sagheer.

Here is a quick guide for the different way hair contouring should be done to benefit each facial shape:

Oval Face:
This shape is the easiest to work with because it suits most hairstyles and offers the most flexibility in creating a complete contouring scheme around the hairline to add texture.

jessicaFamous oval faces: Jessica Alba and Blake Lively

Round Face:
Highlights are applied around the hair line while darker shades are applied to the hair underneath the ears and at the ends around the face.

chrissyFamous round faces: Chrissy Teigen, Drew Barrymore and Kirsten Dunst

Oblong Face:
Dark tones are applied to the root merging into lighter shades above the ear to the end of the hair.

giseleFamous oblong faces: Gisele Bundchen and Liv Tyler

Square Face:
Multi tone layers of light and dark are applied to compliment the angles of the face, generally around the temples and jaw line.

jenniferFamous square faces: Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock

Heart Shape Face:
Lighter tones are applied around the jaw line and ears.

ReeseFamous heart shape faces: Reese Witherspoon


  • Take your time in learning about the trend you are interested in, what suits your friend doesn’t always suit you. Your lifestyle (think time and money for maintenance) and hair condition affects your choice.
  • Find pictures of examples you like to show to your hairdresser before doing anything. Visuals are always helpful!
  • If you want to try a completely new color, but are in doubt, you can test the color on a hidden lock of hair before getting the full look done.