Covering your hair with a headscarf has its benefits, as it can protect the hair from the damage that comes from the sun, wind and dirt. But one thing that tends to happen when your hair is always covered is that some women forget that they need to take care of it. Especially when Ramadan comes around and some women spend long days at work covering their hair, in the kitchen being exposed to heat, preparing for family gatherings, praying, and the many errands superwomen do. The first thing to be dropped from our daily routine in Ramadan tends to be self-care. This is why we’re bringing you a list of some hair care tips for veiled women to follow this Ramadan and help bring back the life and shine to your hair.

  • Leave Your Hair To Dry Naturally
    Before putting on your scarf, make sure your hair is completely dry to avoid getting dandruff. In the midst of Ramadan chores, find the time to relax and let your hair dry naturally before you get caught up with other duties.
  • Wear Scarves Made Of Cotton Or Silk
    Other fabrics could lead to hair breakage and split ends due to friction.
  • Use A Shampoo That Will Help Your Hair Stay Fresh
    Using the right shampoo plays a vital part in maintaining your hair’s health and keeping it fresh. Sunsilk Natural Recharge with citrus extract and nourishing oil, keeps your hair fresh under the pressure of the many gatherings, chores and suhoor preparations women go through this holy month. Take the time to use the right shampoo to keep your hair healthy this Ramadan.
  • Tie Your Hair In A Loose Ponytail or Bun
    Avoid pulling on hair too tightly as it weakens hair strands and promotes hair fall.
  • Brush Your Hair Twice Per Day
    Finding time to brush your hair twice per day, will help improve blood circulation and lead you to a healthier scalp.
  • Let Your Hair Flow Freely
    Whenever possible, take some time to yourself untie your scarf to let your scalp breathe, leave your hair to flow freely and give your scalp a massage.

Don’t let your hair fall victim to the “out of sight, out of mind.” Take the time this Ramadan to let it breathe, to bring back the life in your hair and just take care of it.

Photocredit: austereattire