Today, I woke up really late, feeling empty and blue. Oh, and I had to finish this exact piece you are reading right now, and it has to be interesting and motivational, so without further ado:

In this case, today is the perfect day to write about the challenges every artist faces, not only because I’m facing a challenge right now, but because it will definitely motivate me by reminding me that I’m not alone and that every problem has a solution.

So, let’s figure all of this out, together.

1- Finding inspiration.

As we were just talking, sometimes you are just not inspired enough. You don’t have enough capacity in your head to beautifully create art, no matter what kind of art, they are connected in a way or another. Our work differs 100% when we are creating something we like and inspired enough to do so, and when we’re just another task we need to be done with.

So, I personally recommend you to stay far as possible from any kind of mental consumption, to let art take over your soul and change you to a deeper person who does not get affected by any surroundings when it comes to their inner peace. Also, do not forget the ultimate mood changer; music, everyone!

2- Keeping up with your talent.

That’s the most two-edged challenge every artist faces. Talent never vanishes, it never fades away, but hold on, talent also needs continuous practice. Talent comes in levels, and if you reached an advanced level and just stopped practicing you may find yourself back to being a beginner all over again and that would be a nightmare to any artist, because of every single development counts, big time. Keep on practicing, you amazing artists. Trust your talent, and please believe that your talent has no limits.

3- Building an unbreakable self-trust.

A friend of mine once told me ‘ an artist should be arrogant, trust their own work, even if deep down they have doubts, it cannot be shown to the audience cause you may be downgrading your work if you told someone you’re not sure of it. ‘

This is very true, but still, hard to implement when you are just a beginner or new to the field. Here’s a solution for you, act as cool as possible, whether someone is being objective or not. Also, differentiating between pieces of advice and comments from experienced people in the field you’re entering and from people who do not even understand what you’re doing, plays a very important role. I really hope that you do not let anybody’s comment keep you sleepless at night or make you doubt you work. The only comments you are allowed to think of, are the objective ones from credited people, which will definitely benefit you.

4- Dealing with too many constraints.

“TV shows should be family friendly, writers should not be biased, painters should” … and list goes on. All these constraints can be limited to the creation process, and sometimes it gets really hard to not lose your identity or concept by following all of these guidelines. Stay strong, hold onto what you believe in, and find the loophole you’re searching for to get your message delivered and get your work up there.

5- Having the ‘ no-response ‘ nightmare.

Finding your target audience can be difficult, that’s for sure. We all fear not getting the response we’re dreaming of, but that does not mean we should be depending on it. I know, it can be really hard sometimes since feedback plays a very important role especially at the beginning, but that does not make it an indicator for your talent or success. You must be ready for getting no response at times. I mean, Van Gogh got famous after his death, can you imagine? Does that mean he was not talented enough? Well, I’ll let you answer that.

6- Persistence, persistence, and persistence.

Waking up every day to go to your work on time, finish your tasks, meet the deadlines, and sleep early.  Every day is hectic, indeed, and it also needs persistence, but what about someone who needs to wake up every day, creates their own tasks, meets their very own deadlines, with no system and nobody to remind them what to do but themselves? Also, the hardest part is; trusting their work and themselves enough to keep going every day without the need of having someone to push them, for just their thirst to create art. Also, in some cases, they need to finance themselves. Talent and persistence come as a package, and having your very own outside the box path can be really difficult when it comes to staying persistent. There’s a single solution for that which lies in systemizing your own life, writing down your goals and never let them out of sight. Also, since you’re your own boss, you need to set some kind of punishments for yourself if you did not meet the deadline you’ve already set.