While we may complain from time to time about the tidying up chores we have to handle, we secretly can’t live without our mother’s cleaning habits. Sometimes we wish we didn’t have to oblige these habits and it can get super frustrating when all you want to do is sleep but your mother insists that the dishes will not wait another minute. It’s a hate-love relationship, and not because the habits are dreadful or because our mothers are overly-obsessed with always having a clean space, but because as grownups these little daily habits that we got from our moms make our homes a clean and cozy place we all secretly appreciate and love.

Every Piece Of Clothing Has A Place

Sometimes we’re too lazy to put our clothes back in the closet or the laundry basket. But good luck explaining that to your mother! No matter what time of the day it is, or how late it is each and every item you are wearing will go back to it’s rightful place. #3adykhales who wants a huge pile of clothes that’ll eventually take hours to tidy up.

Never Leaving A Cup Of Tea Until It’s Finished

The sight of a cup with just a little liquid in it is a red flag to some mothers! No dirty cup will be left lying around the house. Removing the cup of tea while you still want to drink the rest of it can annoy us oh so much. While it may annoy us that we never get to fully enjoy a hot cup of tea until it’s last sip, having piles of unfinished tea cups really is definitely not #3adyKhales

Shoes Are Left Outside – No Matter What!

Having to explain to your friends that they need to leave their shoes outside because mother doesn’t want germs can sometimes get a bit awkward! Realistically, mother is right and who wants to keep bringing in dirt and germs into the house every time you come in? While it gets a bit weird trying to explain why your mother doesn’t allow shoes, this is one habit we all know is for the best.

Fresheners Are A Household Staple

No one wants a foul smelling bathroom. But sometimes the excessive smell of mother’s fresheners can make it seem like we’re living inside a bouquet of flowers. Most of the time it makes us want to scream “It’s okay to have a normal smelling house!” But then we remember the funny smells that come out of the bathroom, and it happened to all of us #3adykhales, and we’re thankful that our moms have toilet fresheners installed!

Making Your Bed Every Single Day

An unmade bed with white linens and a lamp in the corner.; Shutterstock ID 197136716; PO: MC for TODAY

Nothing makes your bedroom look tidier than having a made bed, but sometimes we’re running late and there really is no time to spread and fold those sheets. It can get so frustrating when you’re sneakily running out of the door late and you hear that voice shouting, “Come back and make your bed”! But a messy bed leads to a messy room, that leads to a messy floor and the vicious cycle continues.

Dishes Are Washed After Every Single Use


“I will do the dishes later, mom!” is probably one of the most common white lies we all tell. Sometimes after eating the last thing on our mind is to get up and clean the dishes, we need time to digest and then we can start talking. But no no, there is no later and there is no time to rest – the dishes must be washed as soon as you finish eating off them. Mother has no mercy, but a dirty pile of dishes is probably the worst sight and makes doing dishes a tiring habit.

It’s time to admit that #3adyKhales, mother knows best.