Did you know that 33% of all the food produced globally is wasted every year?

Yes it is..!

There are many reasons why this happens, but it’s usually mainly due to lack of inspiration to repurposing leftovers or actually creating a full meal with groceries we bought, before they actually go bad from sitting in the fridge for too long.

There are simple ways that we can keep in mind everyday that can hugely reduce food waste and also save a significant amount of cash…


1 – Keep Fridge and Pantry Tidy

Before heading to the grocery store, take a look at how the  fridge and cupboards look like on the inside.

Make sure that they’re clutter free and that all the food bought is well organized and visible – we don’t want to buy something twice or not efficiently use something we already have.

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2 – Shop Small

When you’re at the groceries shop, make sure you have a list ready with what you need for the period you’re shopping for. If you sit and plan your meals ahead, you can easily get to know how much you exactly need to make all the recipes you planned.

Pro-Tip: Make sure to take a snack before heading to the groceries store… we all know what grocery shopping on an empty stomach might lead to.


3 – Avoid Over-Picking

Another thing that contributes to food waste is to spend time looking for the perfect looking apple or the shiniest tomato. 

Nature-made produce may be imperfect in its looks, but its nutritional values and properties remain the same.

People buying picture perfect produce have led grocery shops demand and buy only perfect looking produce from farmers.. And this had a direct impact on increased food waste globally.

4 – Store Food Properly

One of the major reasons for immense food waste is improper storage.

Most of us are unaware of how to correctly store fruits and vegetables which leads to premature ripening and eventually tossing of goods that could have been used if stored differently.

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5 – Save Leftovers

Leftovers are the best ally to saving time and money!

Even if it’s just a few spoons of salad leftover, you can still save those and turn them into a heartwarming soup or filling for a savory dish.

Pro-Tip: You’ll definitely remember you have leftovers if you make sure to store them in a clear-glass, air tight jar.

If you happen to cook a lot through the week and end up having many different kinds of food leftover, you can dedicate a day to eating leftovers.

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6 – Learn to Preserve

Food preservation techniques like pickling and fermenting have been used as food preservation methods way before the fridge and freezer were invented. 

Some of the many ways to preserve food are drying, canning, pickling, fermenting and luckily today we have access to freezing as well.

These methods are great for shrinking our carbon footprint, saving us money and they are also so much fun to make.