Most of us try our best to incorporate our workout hour in-between our busy lives. Every time we are about to finish our last rep, our minds get busy running the list of tasks we need to get done right after we finish our workout. If you believe that your workout’s effect ends with your last squat, you’re missing out on all the benefits you can get if you used your post-workout hour effectively. 


In these 6 steps below, you will learn how to use your post-workout hour, as a way of enhancing the gains you got during your workout and you’ll get to know how to avoid un-doing your gains.


Stretch Your Way into Recovery

Stretching after your workout is as important as before your workout. It is a very essential step to do pre and post exercising. Before your workout, you are stretching to prep your muscles. 


After your workout, you are helping your body cool down from the tension as well as recover your muscles to avoid soreness. Stretching your body will help improve your stamina, flexibility, range of motion and help prevent muscle weakness.


Hydrate Your Body Efficiently

Drinking enough water for your body weight is a priority you should always stick to. However, the most time your body truly needs hydration is after your workout. That is because your body loses around two liters of water through sweat. By drinking enough water after your workout, your body becomes able to replenish itself and gain back its strength.

The amount of water you need to drink is usually based on the length of your workout. Your body weight and muscle mass are two other important factors. You should drink around 2 glasses of water for every pound you lost during your practice.



Taking a Cold Then Hot Shower

After your workout, the best thing you can do to feel more relaxed and fresh is to take a recovery shower. However, a recovery shower isn’t a normal kind of shower. The idea of a recovery shower is using different temperatures to our benefit to help boost the recovery of muscles and spark blood circulation. 


Once in you hop in the shower, start by pouring down cold water, this will help decrease your chances of muscle inflammation and soreness. After a while, switch up to hot water. This will help open up your pores that will aid in flushing out toxins and give more strength to your bones.


Changing into a Looser Attire

Most of our gym outfits consist of stretchy or tight attire that helps you move around more easily. Your body sweats plenty of toxins when you workout. The toxins and moisture end up getting trapped into our workout bras and tights.

Later on, they make their way through our skin, causing irritations and possibly yeast infections. Changing into a cleaner and looser outfit will help your skin breathe better.


Choose the Right Post-Workout Snack

Your body loses a great deal of energy during a workout. Your muscles use up all the stored glucose in your cells to provide adequate amounts of energy to your body. 


Choosing the correct snack to munch on helps in guaranteeing an effective re-storage of glucose. Consuming junk food and high refined sugar foods will cancel out the effect of your workout and make you regain whatever you lost and more. Here are a few snack combinations that will fuel you up properly.


  • Banana + greek yogurt + oats + nuts
  • Sliced fruits + tablespoon of peanut butter
  • Boiled egg + whole-grain toast + sliced avocado
  • Trail mix  (an assortment of nuts)+ oatmeal
  • Smoothie: frozen bananas, strawberries + almond milk + peanut butter + oats


Snooze off for a While

With our busy schedules, this may sound nearly impossible to do. However, listening to your body should be a priority. If you are feeling sluggish and fatigued after a workout then that’s a sign you should rest up and nap.


It is highly recommended to take a little while off and indulge in an hour’s worth of sleep. Resting your body after your workout accelerates your recovery by repairing your body’s tissues and lowering the stress hormones that get produced while you workout. Believe it or not, your body does release “Cortisol” ( a stress hormone) when we work out. That’s because our body doesn’t know that the stress we put it under while exercising is actually good for us, it just registers it as stress. 



I hope this article educated you a little bit on knowing how to end your workout the right way and how to use your post few hours effectively at your own benefit. Now, go send it to your workout buddies!!