So you’re finally living up to your New Year’s resolutions and you’re finally hitting up the gym regularly. The thing is though, your muscle is sore and getting out of bed has become a workout on its own. Here are some foods you can eat to ease up the soreness and speed up your muscle recovery:


So basically when after a super tough weight-lifting session at the gym, our muscles are torn and that leaves us feeling super sore. Eating blueberries before or right after working out can help the body eliminate the wastes produced by working out and can thus decrease the soreness.


Grabbing a handful of mixed nuts is one smart choice after a workout. Nuts are a powerhouse of protein, magnesium and healthy fats and will thus replenish your energy and help with healing the muscles.


Apparently, Popeye really did know a thing or two about growing muscles. The nutrients found in spinach, such as iron and vitamins A and C, really do help with growing muscles. Thus, it can really help with muscle recovery.

Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt has twice the protein as regular yogurt and that is because it is completely strained of liquid and carbs. Thus, consuming some as part of your post-workout meal can definitely help with building muscle and alleviating muscle soreness.


First of all, bananas are super easy to pack in your gym bag. And secondly, they are super rich in potassium which helps the body restore its electrolytes and will thus minimize muscle pain.

Sweet Potatoes:

High in potassium, vitamins A & C, calcium, and iron, sweet potatoes are the perfect pre-workout meal. They help with muscle regeneration and will ease soreness. Also, being a good source of complex carbs, they will boost your energy levels for a longer time.