Green smoothies have been all the rave for a while now. They make for nutrient-packed meal substitutes, and are great for drinking on-the-go while running around finishing the day’s errands. Adding a few  certain ingredients to your daily green smoothie can help boost your energy levels and help you focus. Here are some of the superfoods to blend into your green smoothie for extra benefits:


This fruit is a definite powerhouse of nutrients being a great source of unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, fibers and proteins. This makes it a great energy source. Moreover, adding it to your green smoothie will give it a creamy texture. Other nutrients found in avocados are vitamins B, E and K. The also have anti-inflammatory benefits due to their high content of antioxidants.


This vegetable is not just rich in iron, but also in folate. Iron is responsible for the creation of red blood cells which transport energy around the body, whereas folate facilitates food turning into usable energy in the body.

Chia Seeds:

Being low in carbs, but high in proteins, fiber and fats, chia seeds will give the body an instant energy boost. They also have hydrating properties and can help cleanse your digestive system from impurities.


Having amazing properties that allow it to encourage the production of the growth hormone in the brain.  This allows you to focus more and feel more energized! It also allows for soothing sore muscles, so it makes for an awesome post-workout add-in.

Ginger is known for its abilities to regulate blood circulation, and balance out blood sugar levels. This means that it can make you feel more energetic and less fatigued.  Moreover, it is packed with vitamins and will definitely give a huge boost to your immune system!


You’ve definitely seen athletes munching on them before, during and after a strenuous workout. Containing a triad of natural sugars (sucrose, fructose and glucose), bananas are an amazing source of energy.