6 Pinterest Boards For DIY Kids Activities

6 Pinterest Boards For DIY Kids Activities

Are your kids bored with the expensive toys you keep buying them? Well, stop buying them and make your own at home with just a few items lying around the house. Your kids and your wallet will thank you
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Have you gotten into the habit of buying your kids new toys every time they get bored with their old ones? Which inevitably becomes every weekend when they spot a new toy? Instead of allocating a certain amount of money each month to “new toys,” here are a couple of creative Pinterest boards that’ll guarantee a fun, creative-filled time with your kids at home using basic household items that you’ll find lying around. Just scroll through these boars for to help you create fun, cost-effective family activities!

Easy Crafts For Kids…
This board is filled with craft ideas for kids that they can create all by themselves, as well as a few that can be enjoyed in the outdoors or in the kitchen with some adult supervision. The board also includes a lot of seasonal crafts for things such as halloween decorations and DIY Father’s Day gifts!

DIY Kids Musical Instruments…
This one requires a few crafts to make but is super simple to follow. How about, instead of always buying your kids a new instrument that they’ll essentially get bored of, you make your own at home? Let them get creative designing a new drum using crafts that are just lying around your house.

DIY Playdough
All that you need for this one can be found in your kitchen cabinet! Edible playdoush, scented playduosh, two-ingredient play dough, this is one fun activity for the whole family, because who doesn’t love playdough?Especially when it can last up to a couple of months! This board has so many different ways to experiment with play dough so it’s not the same every time you make it.

DIY Puppets & Playtivities…
If your kids are still young, then you know how entertaining puppets and dolls can be! It can sound a bit intimidating to say “make your own dolls and puppets” but this board has so many simple ideas for making tools, doghouses, mini-furniture, puppets that your kids won’t need to buy any more.

The options with this one are endless. You can pick any design you want to make as long as you have cardboard, tape, glue and tissue paper! Fill your piñata with homemade candy, mini-balloons or anything your kids want.

Games & Crafts …
If you ever run out of games or toys, this board has your back. From making their own paper race car to creative food snacks, you’re bound to find a thing or ten on here that your kids will enjoy making all out of everyday items or a few crafts you’ll find at any stationary.


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