When it comes to choosing the right house, the perfect neighborhood and the best design for your new home you’ll find yourself with an abundance of options and no clue where to start. Just deciding between a stand-alone, an apartment, a town-house or a twin-villa is enough to make your head go round and round. First, and foremost, you need to set a budget and prioritize your needs in order to narrow down your options and find what’s right for you.

In our humble opinion, we’ve found that a twin-villa combines almost all of the benefits with a reasonable budget. This is why we’re sharing with you the six benefits of buying a twin-villa:



1. Same Advantages of A Stand-Alone But With A Less Expensive Payment

If you’re no longer interested in living in a building with too many neighbors and want to have your own place instead, then a twin-villa provides you just that. You get all the benefits of a stand-alone; space, privacy, a garden, many rooms and a lot of space without having to pay every single pound you’ve ever saved. By buying a large twin-villa you get more out of your money!


2. Lower Utility Bills

Considering the size of a twin-villa as opposed to a stand-alone, you will probably pay lower water, gas and electricity bills and still get to live in your own private home. Win-win.


3. Security Of Having A Neighbor

One of the perks of having a neighbor sharing a wall with you is that you don’t have to worry about many security issues; you always have someone close-by. This is especially useful if you’re someone who travels a lot, who doesn’t like being secluded or just feel comfortable knowing that you have a neighbor in case of any emergency.


4. Perks Of Having A Multi-Level House: More Space & More Privacy

When moving from an apartment to a large twin-villa, the first thing you are faced with is the benefit of having a multi-level house. The options and benefits of this are quite endless. From having more space for more rooms to everyone in the family having more privacy, you can separate and the floors and rooms however you like!


5. Social Aspect

Besides security, sharing a wall with a neighbor and living in a prestigious compound comes with other benefits. The social aspect of having a nice community around you allows you to bond with many new people and create connections.


6. Saving Money On Finishing

Besides buying the actual house, a bulk amount of money goes into finishing the actual space. From flooring to plumbing to painting you could very easily end up spending almost the same amount of money you paid to buy your house. If you happen to come across a unit that is being sold as finished, we have one word of advice for you: BUY!


If a large twin-villa is what you’re looking for, AlBurouj is offering spacious twin-villas in Egypt, that come with the added bonus of being fully-finished!