We all know someone who’s either obsessed with CrossFit or is just interested to try it out. It’s been only a few years since CrossFit started emerging in Egypt. Since then, the WOD (Workout of the Day) became a popular term among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. You might be wondering if this is right for you? Or what do you get out of it in the first place? If you are one of those people who gets bored easily, then trust us this is something that you must try out.

We are not judging anyone who’s still a gym regular, but believe us when we tell you that you can get much more attending a CrossFit session. Think about that hour on the treadmill you spend staring at the wall and those 20 minutes on the elliptical that you feel are eternity long. We guarantee you this; no more boring machines, no more treadmills, and you will work all your muscles in just one session.

CrossFit focuses mainly on strength and conditioning workout, it usually depends more on bodyweight for resistance training. Also, It provides you with a high intensity interval training, which means you no longer need to spend hours to get your workout in. We are here to give you the six main benefits you can get from CrossFit and help you to reach a decision of whether you think this type of workout is for you or not.

1- CrossFit is not just fitness, its a community

One of main things that will instantly boost your motivational levels and helps you to commit is, the sense of community that you get from working out with a group of other athletes. CrossFit breeds community, after a few sessions you will feel that you belong to this place, you belong to this group, you will start making friends and believe me you will start ditching so many social events just to get your workout in. Having friends who have the same target as yours will actually bring out the best of you during this hour of intense training. When you get to make friends and commit together, you won’t think of skipping your workout. You will even be missed if you didn’t show up to class. You will simply BELONG!

2- CrossFit will help you attack your weakness

You know all those times you needed more attention while working out without having the need to hire a personal trainer? Well, that’s usually how it is when you attend a CrossFit session. No rep will go un-noticed, you won’t even be able to skip it and if you did be assured that your coach will push you to get it done. Working out in that kind of session is exactly like having your own personal trainer but for the whole group. In a regular gym, it’s easy to skip reps or take long breaks, however that’s not even an option in here, you will find yourself trying to give it your best all the time.

3- There is never a dull moment

CrossFit is not like the usual workout you get to do at the gym. It’s not focused on endurance nor on just strength. You will get to have a different workout everyday, it is constantly changing from one day to the other, so you will never get to repeat the same workout again. And that’s a huge benefit, when you workout for an hour and you get to work on your upper and lower body along with body conditioning, you will definitely get a feeling of satisfaction. You will feel that you’ve achieved something and actually didn’t waste hours trying to get your workout in. You can be doing squats every day, but you will never get the same combo of rounds; you will be surprised on how it’s changed rapidly. And while it can sometimes feel like you can’t finish the workout or it’s just too much! But believe me you can, and you will get better, faster and stronger everyday. And that’s the beauty of it.

4- CrossFit creates athletes 

One of the ultimate benefits you get out of CrossFit, is getting stronger muscles and also working on endurance. You’re not lifting weights at the gym to bulk up, nor just running 4k for five days a week. It’s the whole combination of mixing so many workouts that actually pushes your body to its limits. And because this type of workout will usually include box jumps, rope skips, kettle bells, burpees and sprints; you will have an increase in strength, stamina and energy levels. Your whole body muscles will get stronger. You will work muscles that have been resting for years. You will have an increase in joints mobility and your cardiovascular conditioning will jump to another level. And did we mention you will get FIT!

5- One hour a day is all you need to see results

If you think about it. You usually sleep for 7-8 hours, you spend another another 8 hours working, and at the end your workout is just an hour of your day, so that hour is definitely worth your time. You still get to socialize, eat out, and catch up with your family and friends. You won’t need to spend hours trying to work those different parts of your body. It’s fast, intense, and more importantly this hour will keep your heart rate up for the following hours making your body burn more calories than it normally would. It BLASTS Fats!

6- Your Body will go from flab to fab

You’ve definitely seen all those people who are addicted to CrossFit. Believe me it’s for a reason. You’ve seen their bodies and you want a similar one? That’s what you get from combining HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with strength training. Your body will go from flab to fab, that’s a promise. You will get the body that you’ve always wished for, and at the same time you will be stronger than ever. You will love what your body can do, lean physique and strong muscles that will allow you to do those pull-ups and full pushups. Yes, you can do this and much much more! After sometime you will even thrive to achieve more and reach a higher fitness level, It’s ADDICTIVE!

Feature Image Credits: CrossFit Engine38