We’ve all been there; that awful moment when you realize that your weight is not budging and you simply can’t put your finger on the reason. You might be eating right and breaking a sweat, but there are several other habits you might be totally ignoring that actually affect your weight loss. Here are some of them:

You Follow The Same Ol’ Workout Routine:

Don’t fall into the trap of having a routine workout because your body will soon get accustomed to it, which will lead to a plateau. You need to keep your body refreshed with different workout routines of different intensities. For example, go for a short HIIT workout one day then the next day go for some medium-paced cardio. If you love Zumba, then add in a couple of days of weight-training in the week to mix it up!

You’re a Walking Talking Stress Machine:

No, it’s not a myth: stress can really take a toll on every aspect of your physical and mental health including your weight loss. Here’s the science behind it: when you’re super stressed out, your body produces Cortisol, a hormone that encourages fat storage in the body and also makes you feel famished. This is because your body feels the need to replenish the energy supposedly used up by the adrenaline that the stress caused the body to produce. Long story short, try and get rid of stress in the way that works for you, you can go for a  run, read a book, take a bubble bath, or even talk it out with a friend.

You’re Totally Forgetting About Your Water Intake:

Again, not a myth: you easily mistake thirst for hunger! So many of us simply forget how about our water intake, even though water can easily aid in weight loss. For example, drinking a cup of water 20 minutes before meals will definitely help you distinguish between whether you’re thirsty or hungry and will help you control your food portions.

Your Daily Beverages Are the Culprit: 

So, if you’re drinking store-bought packaged juices, or loading your morning coffee with sugar or drizzling it in caramel or chocolate sauce, well you’re in increasing your sugar intake!

You Don’t Practice Mindful Eating: 

Mindful eating means savoring the process of eating with no distractions. You can practice this originally Buddhist ritual by eating more slowly, turning off your phone & TV during meal time, and actually taking the time to enjoy the different flavors of the different ingredients in a dish. This will leave you feeling more satisfied with your meal!

You’re Not Eating Enough Calories

People who count calories assume that if cutting down on their calorie intake will help them lose weight, then restricting a lot of calories will help them lose more weight, faster. Unfortunately, the body vies this restriction as starvation and will eventually lose its trust in you, fighting to keep the calories you eat instead of burning them.


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