We all get those periods where we feel like getting a good night’s sleep is nearly impossible. We toss and turn but can’t snooze off. Here are some simple hacks to help you get more relaxed and doze off.

Calming Scents:

There are certain scents that can really work on calming you down before bedtime. Lavender and vanilla work like magic- spritz some on your pillow or light up a scented candle on your night stand before hitting the sack.


Lights off:

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Sure, that sounds obvious, but we often forget about the light coming from alarm clocks or laptop charges. Keep lighting to an absolute minimum at bedtime to help you feel more relaxed.

Lower the volume & Invest in a White Noise Machine:

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Sounds from a ticking clock or phone notifications can make you restless. Make sure you turn them down. White noise machines are also a good option since they make you less bothered by sudden or loud background noises such as cars in the streets. They produce white noise, which is noise produced at the same frequency, and thus makes for better conditions to get deeper sleep.


Taking a Shower:

Yes, taking a warm shower an hour before you go to bed can help you get more drowsy. Our body temperature plays a great role in our level of sleepiness; basically, lower body temperatures signal sleep and higher body temperatures signal being up and about. Hence, taking a hot shower an hour before bedtime will allow your body to cool off and feel ready for sleep.

Keep Things Neat:

Messy rooms can make it hard to fall asleep at ease. Declutter your room and keep things all tidy to calm your senses.


Keep Furniture Next to Bed Simple:

Here’s a classic Feng Shui tip- keep furniture next to your sleeping space simple and small. Large furniture can make you feel anxious and under pressure- the same you feel when passing by huge trucks while driving.