How often do people usually reply saying: “I want to be happy”, once they’re asked about their life goals; or how many times you have replied saying the same?

Okay, so happiness is a state, just like sadness, fear or excitement. By continuously repeating to ourselves the affirmations of wanting to be happy, we might fall into the illusion that happiness is the main goal, whereas it is a product of a goal.

This is precisely why, making a plan to reach happiness is unrealistic; However, manifesting the desired state becomes easily attainable once we decide to take action and live the life we always wanted.

So, grab a pen and paper and let’s put a plan!


1. State Specifically.

So, the first step is to turning happiness into a goal is through defining the things which affect us the most.

Specifying the life aspect that matters the most to us personally and has a great effect on others as well. Each one of us has different perspectives and values about happiness; for some of us it could be about relationships, for others maybe work, or friendships, etc.…


2. Write down goals and outcomes. 

The second step is to write down the goals or the outcomes you want to achieve.

For instance, if the goal is to get promoted to a specific position, or maybe it is starting a new business; then writing down where we’re at and where we want to be specifying exactly the desired outcome is the requirement for the outcome to manifest.


3. Put a time frame.

Once we have cleared out where we stand and where we want to go, we should add a time frame to turn the dream into a goal. This could be the most critical step of all. Put a logical and realistic time frame to reach the desired goal also helps in measuring the progress invested in manifesting the outcome.


4. Start From the Bottom.

Since a plan is needed in order to achieve a goal, and any plan consists of a series of steps; these steps have to be written down.

For example, if the desired outcome is to get into a stable relationship, the first step in the plan could be to love and accept yourself as you are, defining your own stability, or knowing the resources needed to make you feel that way.

Once all these aspects are clear, start by writing down the final outcome and chronologically adding up all the remaining aspects; from where you want to be, to where you find yourself in this exact moment.

This same method is applied to different aspects in order to reach the desired outcome.


Pro-Tip: Putting where you want to get as the first step will constantly remind you of the purpose of the whole plan.


5. Measure the Progress.

Using the previously mentioned time-frame is mainly what is required for successfully completing this step.

Measuring progress plays an important role in motivating you to keep going with your goal achievement plan, it is also useful in knowing where you’re standing and how close you are to achieving your goal.


6. It Is Only About You.

The final step is to make sure that your dream is truly and totally yours.

We cannot control anyone’s life; therefore, we cannot live to achieve someone else’s dream or to include someone else in our dream since it’s not in our power.

It’s almost like adding a variable that may hinder the progress of reaching the goal.

Always remember, your goals, your dreams, and the state you want to be in is yours.


After all, having a goal that makes you happy is a basic human right.

With this, I hope you all have your goals crystal clear, and find it more pleasantly easy to achieve them.

Share this article with whoever you know is working on achieving happiness in life, to make them aware that happiness is basically the outcome of successfully achieving desired goals.