Hey guys, this is Gold’s Gym Elite – Fitness Manager and Trainer Ahmed Torky again.

Today, I wanted to slightly drift away from the usual topics I usually write about on how to train more healthily; instead, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to go to the gym from a more ethical rather than technical approach.

The principles of going to the gym effectively are actually pretty simple, However, their importance can make anyone’s gym experience a lot more pleasant.

This article covers everything anyone has to know before going to the gym.

Wearing Deodorant

Hygiene is very important in all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to the aspect of physical exercise.

I am sure every person who is reading this right now must have experienced an unpleasant event because of a lack of hygiene.

A gym is a crowded place “most of the time” and people go to the gym to enjoy a workout and release after a long stressful day. Surely, it is not necessary for anyone to smell unpleasant body odor and keep on cleaning each machine before using it as a result of wetness or unpleasant body odor.


Warming Up Properly

And by a proper warm-up, I don’t mean just walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes!

A proper warm-up includes:

  1. Cardiovascular training for 10-15 minutes with 65-75% of maximum heart rate
  2. Dynamic stretches to the joints you will be using in the workout on that day.
  3. For the advanced lifter, 3-4 warm-up sets before starting to lift the weights targeted in the session.


Pre-Planning the Session

Having clear a plan before hitting the gym or starting a workout, prepares you mentally for the work you are about to do.

For example; I like to start visualizing my session a day before by calculating the weights and the range of reps I will adhere to.

This process of previsualization prepares every cell in my body for the workout. Yes, the mind-body connection is very effective, it actually is the most important aspect in training.

Pro-Tip: If you have a personal trainer, you can work together on at least setting the training guidelines before starting the workout.


Put Your Workout Mindset On

Loss of focus leads to injuries.

Yes, most of the people who go to the gym are not there to “compete”, as the gym is a recreational place for everyone.

Socializing can be a good way to bond with your fitness pals, and encourage you to keep it up; however, it can be done after the workout.

Interrupting the workout for the sake of talking to another client or a friend makes the heart rate get back to the resting mood and the session becomes almost useless.


Have Your Goals Set and Stick to Them

Everyone has his own goals. And the personal variations are huge. Do not try to just imitate what the big guy is doing at the gym or her leg routine because she looks nice. It doesn’t work this way.

Follow a program designed with a personal trainer who can lead you and take you to step by step achieving your goal.

Everyone’s body differs from other people’s bodies immensely.

The personal variations of each one’s body are huge; this is why each and every one of us had different goals.

Refrain from trying to imitate what that big guy is doing at the gym or how that girl with tight thighs is training. Instead, start working on designing a personalized program with a personal trainer and follow it step by step; until the desired results are achieved.

Things Are Best Done Where They Belong


Unless your gym has a CrossFit box in it, then it is evident that you practicing CrossFit on the gym floor isn’t an option.

CrossFit is best done in a CrossFit box as they are supplied with CrossFit tools such as: “rings, ropes, boxes, etc.”.

Besides, it is inevitable that you could unintentionally slam a bar on the floor startling everyone around you or accidentally hurt someone.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that doing the Olympic weight lifts or gymnastics requires having a specialist accessible around in the gym.

Many cross-fitters are disposed to injuries resulting from being amateurs in the movements they’re making.


Elite Gold’s Gym Fitness Manager – Ahmed Torky

So far, these are some of the major faults I face daily at the gym; this is why I decided to increase awareness about the gym “etiquette” among fitness fanatics.

Share this article to help me spread awareness, and make sure we all have a more pleasant experience at the gym next time we’re there.