There’s always a lot of talk and confusion about which type of diet is the best, which will get you the absolute fastest results and which diet will not keep you starved the whole time. Nutrition is controversial; it seems that every other month a new diet fad pops up and somehow so many health experts back it up until it can no longer be backed up and a new fad comes in.

If you’re after proper healthy weight loss and aim to truly transform your body, then you need to focus on a well and balanced nutrition plan, not a fast-track diet fad. Here are 6 types of “diets” you should NOT be following:


Cucumber/Lemon Diets
Simply put, you are not a rabbit! You are at the top of the food chain. You cannot just be eating cucumbers for a week or two to lose weight. You will end up weak, you will lose your muscle mass and eventually, you will gain back everything you have lost once you start eating like a normal human being again.

Crash-Low Calorie Diets
Again, you cannot eat 700 calories daily and expect yourself to be a healthy individual. According to the FDA, a healthy male who is not involved in heavy activity should be consuming 1600-1800 calories daily. As for females not less than 1400 calories. Anything less than that is not good for your overall health and wellbeing.

Protein-Only Diets
You should include all the elements in your nutrition plan. Protein is the most essential, yes, but so are healthy fats and carbs to ensure that your organs perform well. Veggies and greens are essential for your digestive system, healthy fats for your hormones, the health of your cardiovascular system, your hair and skin health.

The “You Can Eat Protein Once A Week With Any Portion You Want “ Diets
I really don’t know a name for this one, but some nutritionists actually recommend this!
The question is, what to eat for the rest of the week?? That will lead us back to the cucumber/lemon diets which you should not be following unless your aim is to be weak and unhealthy.

The “Dinner Is Fruits With Any Portion” Diet
Stuffing your system with fructose before bedtime is not the smartest idea. If your goal is to lose fat you should decrease your fruit intake, but eating huge amounts of fruits before bedtime will slow down your fat loss process even if you are starving yourself all day.

Blood Type Diet
When we look at the cave man and how he used to eat, we find that he used to eat all kinds of proteins. Anything he could hunt and anything he could gather off the trees or off the land after he planted it. Blood type diets prevent their followers from many healthy choices and limit their options. Healthy nutrition plans should contain all the healthy possible components.

Those were some of the famous methods people follow to lose weight. My advice is to not follow them. Again nutrition plans should contain all the components “protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates” depending on your goal, fat percentage, and your fitness level. The ratios change, but you have to consume all the elements. Stay away from quick fixes, magic pills, and crash diets.

The secret is there is no secret. Discipline, consistency and strong will. Nothing will work until you do! Stay away from anything under 1400 calorie and LIFT WEIGHTS. Stick to what I like to call the triangle “Healthy balanced nutrition plan – resistance training – cardiovascular training”.
Work hard and stay healthy.
Good luck to ya all.