Warm. Cozy. Comfortable. Relaxing. Welcoming. These are all words affiliated with spaces we love, but can’t actually pinpoint what exactly creates an ambiance of a space. As designers, we can do all the layouts, buy all the furniture, add all the fabrics; however a space can still look cold and bare. These are 6 easy ways to transition your house into a home and create a warm interior space.

Cushions & Throws

cushionsCushions are the magic word! Add a few cushions to blend in the space together; they will add so much depth to your room. A throw is a definite addition to break the coldness of bare sofas or beds. They will certainly make you want to cuddle.


plantsOther than the great energy plants bring to a room, they add character to empty spaces that just cannot be filled with furniture. Add more green inside your room to feel more layering in the interior.


lightingGood lighting means good design. Lighting is crucial for setting up the mood of the house. Each area is represented differently by how you play with light. Avoid bright neon lights in your living room and bedroom. Go for softer and indirect lighting to add an ambient feel inside your home.



ruglayoutAdd a big area rug to your wood or marble floors to add warmth in your rooms. Go for darker colors to create an instantaneous welcoming feel. Check the guide to see how your rug should fit your room.


paintSpeaking of colors, your wall color can drastically change the mood of your room. Bright colors can create a vibrant and energetic effect to your room, while soft, darker and neutral colors will add the perfect cozy finish.


fireplaceWhat better way to add more warmth in your living room than to light up that fire and sip on hot cocoa? No really! If you can incorporate a fireplace into your house, go for it! This is definitely a relaxing addition to your room.