How many times have we all huffed and puffed about having to, yet again, have our usual café as the venue for our friends’ outing or date with a special someone? It seems like there’s a café at every corner of Cairo and we have just about grown sick from the usual mundane seating and lack of activities involved. So, we have decided to compile a list of great outing and date ideas that you can do right here in the capital!


Baking Mouth-watering Delights at Love Bites’ Date Night

What if we told you that you can go to one of Egypt’s finest dessert shops, learn how to bake your sugary treat and get to share the whole experience with your significant other, best friend or closest relative? Yes, date nights aren’t just reserved for lovebirds! Sign us up!

Location: Korba, Heliopolis


Releasing All Negativity and Going Crazy at Unleashed

You are all feeling stressed out from work and want to vent? How about grabbing a baseball bat (or any other object of your choice) and smashing the hell out of some very breakable inanimate objects at Unleashed? Nothing can beat that adrenaline rush and you will all have a laugh out of this unique experience.

Location: Concord Plaza Mall, Fifth Settlement


Jumping Around at Gravity Code

You know us, TDC-ers, love to get our bodies moving all the time so this is definitely one activity we would recommend! Instead of idly sitting around, how about releasing your inner child and taking your friends out for a massive jumping session at a trampoline park?

Location: 3 Skies Plaza, Fifth Settlement


Cooking Your Hearts Out at Eatery

Eatery’s not just a restaurant, but also a cooking school. Learning some culinary secrets while having a laugh with your special someone doesn’t sound too shabby, right? Sign us up for some healthy cooking classes!

Location: Cairo Festival City, New Cairo


Hiking & BBQ at Wadi Degla Protectorate:

At Wadi Degla Protectorate you can elevate ‘taking a walk together’ to a whole other level. With beautiful scenery and the chance to hike up some pretty impressive mountains, nothing beats being close to nature. You can also bring your grill and have a BBQ right there in the middle of it!

Location: Maadi


Attending an Artsy Class at Art Café

Release your creative side and learn how to make your own candles, jewellery or even cartoon illustration; the options with Art Café’s classes are endless. You can make timeless souvenirs with your loved ones, and share a whole new experience!

Locations: Road 11, Maddi  &  Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed


Getting Competitive at The Battlefield

Challenge your friends to an adrenaline-inducing game of advanced laser tag at The Battlefield and watch as the competition rises and the fun ensues! With different battle modes, you can pick and choose your team’s strategies and truly challenge your buddies!

Location: Concord Mall, New Cairo