I was never a light packer. It did not really matter to me if I’m traveling for the weekend or for the rest of my life, because a suitcase for my clothes and another one for my shoes were a must. Actually, it has always made me feel like a hesitant person who can’t decide what to pack, and of course, I always try to escape the ‘ What Are You Putting in Those Bags? ‘ question. Not to mention, the outfit expectations people are going to have when they see the sheer amount of clothes I’ve packed only to end up seeing me with the same white sneakers every day.

So, if you do the same thing, join the club!

Good news is, there is a way to put an end to this, by following the hacks below to maximize space in your suitcase.


1- Roll it.

This here the perfect example of a hack that’s both smart and fun. Instead of spending way too much time folding your clothes and trying to squeeze them all in, it is proved that if you rolled your clothes you’ll save so much more space. So, you can pack as many outfit choices as you want

2- Fill in The Shoes.

Who said that the bag is the only thing needed to be packed? You can also pack the inside of your shoes, whether with socks or small items that could get lost in your suitcase if you left them between the clothes. Just make sure the inside of your shoes is clean and well aired so your items don’t acquire a funky smell when you get them out.


3- Belt in The Shirt.

Yes, you can wrap your belt around the collar of your shirt to maximize space and keep the collar ironed. This way you have one more item you don’t have to worry about getting wrinkled in your suitcase.


4- Fill the Gaps.

Gaps are key. They can save space in your suitcase to an extent you can’t imagine if you use them right. Also, they waste way more space if you don’t pay attention to them. That’s why you should try not to pack too many small pouches since they increase the gaps in your bag.

5- Shoes to Balance.

It will definitely give you more space and also balance the weight of your suitcase if you put your shoes at the bottom, and distributed it among the corners. You don’t want a suitcase the tips over when left upright. This could also make your suitcase easier to carry.



6 – Glasses Case.

You can also use it for packing your headphones, your jewelry, or any small item that could simply fit in. When in doubt, refer to point 4 above.



7- Too Bulky? Just Wear it.

Are you trying to squeeze in bulky sneakers, handbags, or a jacket? Why not wear whichever bulky item you want to take instead and save yourself the hassle and space in your suitcase as well?


See, it might seem like an impossible feat but if you use all of even just some of these tips you’re sure to find enough space in your suitcase for all you want to take. Send this to an over packer who ends up traveling with more suitcases than humanly possible, it’s another way of saying I love you (despite your overpacking tendencies.)