We have covered a variety of topics regarding the increasingly popular plant based diet. Today, our aim is to show you just how effective making a lifestyle change like this can be on your health. If you’re still not sure about going plant based, find out more about the benefits of this dietary shift here. The real-life success stories below could get you inspired to take matters into your own hands and make a change to your own diet too.

“I have been following the plant based diet for only 4 days and I have managed to lose 4 kilos and I am no longer experiencing colon pain. I look forward to continuing the diet and seeing if the weight loss will continue and how my health overall will improve” – Mohamed Bisar

plantbased1”For anyone sceptical about whether a plant based diet can help with weight loss, my answer is of course yes. The left picture above is from three years ago before I started thinking about becoming vegan, and the right is how my body currently looks. I started a plant based diet just because I liked the idea, but I have seen huge changes in my health, appearance, and mental health too. At the end of the day, good health is so much more important than outer appearance. My advice for anyone who is sceptical? Try it out, you have nothing to lose!” – Logine Ashraf Mohamed

plant based success 2“40 days into the plant based diet and I have lost 11 kilos. The strange thing is that I didn’t feel restricted. I love food and on this diet plan I was able to eat whenever I felt like it; dark chocolate, nuts, and juices too. At first it was a bit of a shock to my system, especially in the kitchen when everything I looked at seemed to be prohibited in the plan. What pushed me to get started was the lethargy I constantly felt; I couldn’t even run 100m without having to stop. I was only 20 but I felt like I had the energy levels of a 70 year old. The first few days on the diet were hard, I didn’t have the skills to cook food correctly but I pushed and persevered. A week later, I was able to cook filling meals that I enjoyed eating even more than the food that I was used to. In fact, yesterday I tried to eat a traditional meal cooked by my mum and I just couldn’t, it was too heavy and too salty for me. I feel like this was a real changing point as I have learnt to love the food that is good for my body!” – Salma El Hadad

“I have been suffering from chronic IBS for more than 15 years now. Since starting this diet I no longer suffer from the bloating, the severe pain, or the constant constipation. I no longer need laxatives, although before they were my best friend! In three weeks I managed to lose 3 kilos. Although I was never a junk food addict I was always more of an emotional eater. Some days I would walk around the house as a food vacuum cleaner. Now, I am much more in control of my appetite. I started this diet for better health, not only to lose weight, and I am definitely healthier and happier!” – Soad Soliman

“I had no apparent health problems up until the age of 30, until three years ago when I started suffering from psoriasis, an autoimmune health condition that affects the skin severely. This hugely affected my self esteem and I felt trapped, especially when I visited doctors and they told me that they had no solution, and that the cause of the disease was unknown. To help myself out of the bout of depression I started reading more and more about psoriasis and I met with a pharmacist who recommended that I give up red meat, white meat, processed meat, and all dairy in order to help combat the disease. Not only that, but he also said I need to give up smoking, limit salt intake, and coffee. At first, I was not so convinced but I thought it was worth a shot. Bit by bit, the condition started improving and I am now psoriasis-free. My wife saw my transformation and was convinced to start a plant based diet too.” – Ahmed Gad

plant based success stories 3“The difference in time between the right and left pictures above are just 5 months, and as you can see the difference is huge! The person on the left had high levels of cholesterol and uric acid, and also high blood pressure and a fatty liver. This is just a few of the health issues I had to deal with, not to mention a state of laziness 99% of the time. Thank God, the person on the right does not suffer from any of the above health problems, is more energetic, and also weighs 25 kilos less. As a plant based diet follower, I go to the gym daily and didn’t see first hand that this kind of lifestyle has any downfalls or is ‘incomplete’. I choose to believe my own body’s blood tests and transformation rather than a conventional doctor who says a vegan diet is wrong. It is not about how many years you will live, it is about your quality of life throughout those years. I encourage anyone who wants a good quality of life without all the conventional health problems to try this lifestyle change out, it is not magic but it really does work!” – Yehia Nabil

“As am writing this, the calendar marks a total of 30 days of me being on a plant based diet. My biggest challenge and fear was consistency. Surprisingly, that fear was gone, once and forever, when I ended a whole of 7 days of being vegan. I didn’t find myself itching for my free/cheat meal, actually I wasn’t craving anything at any time. I used to be a heavy user of diet [artificial] sugar and I remember using only a couple of sachets during a whole month. I tasted a whole new range of food that I never knew existed and I consider one of my biggest achievements was to add spinach in my morning smoothie; I actually loved it.  I feel much lighter, much more energetic and have less insomnia, which is reflected on almost all my relationships and the most significant of all was my relation towards my little toddler. I can definitely expect to return back to my pre-pregnancy weight in a couple of months because I have lost almost 6 kilos during this month, which I consider the cherry on top of being vegan. Some would consider 6 kilos as a small loss, but for me it’s a big fat loss because maintaining consistent eating habits and following healthy plant based plans did widen my food scope; I know more, I control more, and I expect more.” – Nada Fadel from The Beginner Account

Please share your own success story with us if you have had a similar experience and to help motivate others around you to make the changes they need!