The vegan movement is growing day by day, and it has never been easier to go vegan.  With the assistance of the interwebz it’s never been easier to get your hands on all the tips and tricks. Along side a huge array of websites dedicated to the vegan audience, there’s a range of apps you can access straight at your fingertips from any smartphone.  Apps are a great way to make things easier and more convenient.   Below are apps that are extremely beneficial for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

1- Eat Vegan

Eat Vegan is an app that contains over 250 different vegan recipes that will allow you to easily follow a vegan diet.  The app will inspire you to eat clean, keep moving, and focus on your wellness.  The best part is the grocery list feature that will make your life way easier!

2- Bunny Free

Just as much as you don’t want to harm the planet and the animals through what you eat, you also want to protect them through the products and cosmetics you use.  Bunny Free is an app that allows you to search for companies by name, and tells you whether or not they test their products on animals.

3- Daily Dozen

Dr. Greger, the doctor behind the book ‘How Not to Die’ made our lives a whole lot less complicated by creating an app that gives you a checklist of all the foods you need to consume per day in order stay healthy. This app helps you stay on track and on your game all day long.

4- Headspace

Being Vegan goes way beyond just your eating habits. With compassion towards the animals and the environment, plant-based eating is often connected to meditation and mindful- living. Headspace is an app that will act as your intro to meditation. With its interactive animation and step-by-step guide this is one app that will teach you how to prioritize mind day just as much as leg day.

5- Food Monster

Food Monster is recognized as one of the best apps for vegans with over 8000 different recipes all meat less and dairy free of course. The app also tailors the recipes based on your preferred dietary restrictions. When you first download the app it allows you to tick a series of boxes that tailor the app for you.

6- Food Truth

Food Truth is an app dedicated to the clean eating foodie. The app gives nutritional information on over 100 different ingredients and offers you three different recipes for each.  All the recipes offered on the app appeal to the paleo and primal eaters. Most of the recipes offered by the app are sugar-free, and gluten-free. The app is not entirely vegan but it is very beneficial due to the information it provides.

7- Goods Mart

This one app is the first app in Egypt designed to enable clients to shop any household related needs. It allows you to shop a range of products from a variety of different shops and suppliers all over Cairo. Although it isn’t available across all areas of Cairo, it is very efficient and saves you the time you’d take to go to the supermarket.