While scrolling through your loaded Instagram feeds, we’re pretty sure you came across the face app challenge and saw the crippling shock of aging on the faces of your friends, family, and even their pets! We doubt that you didn’t fast forward into your future and started agonizing how aged and weary you will appear.


Well, don’t let yourself get worked up. We are here to present you with a handful of habits you can compromise into your daily life to avoid or lessen the appearance of those crumpled lines when you’re getting on in life. Some of which are obvious and you have heard before, and some are very surprising and a little divergent than you may expect.


1. Eat More Dark Chocolate

If you are a chocolate admirer, today is your lucky day! For a long time, we have often been told about the health rewards dark chocolate grant us. For instance, they are packed with antioxidants and they aid in the prevention of heart disease, and high blood pressure. A study carried out by researchers from the University of California San Diego School Of Medicine, revealed that epicatechin, a chemical found in foods such as dark chocolate that basically helps your skin stay firm and wrinkle-free.

2. Changing Your Sleeping Position

This isn’t an obvious one, but if you look at it from a different perspective it will make sense to you. Most wrinkles appear on the side of your face you are laying on, so sleeping on your side is clearly unfriendly to your skin. If you are a side sleeper, it’s time to flip over and sleep on your back! Your pillows are a great host to dirt coming from your makeup leftovers, dead skin,  and grease from your hair. So, changing your sleeping position doesn’t just stretch your skin, it also keeps your skin clean and crisp. 

3. Eat More Sushi

Anyone got a crave for a salmon roll? We will give you a reason to indulge in your favorite sushi roll more often. Seafoods such as salmon, sardines, and tuna are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, that are powerhouse nutrients. They hold a natural power in reducing already existing wrinkles, as well as preventing the development of the ones on their way to mark your beautiful skin. 

 Disclaimer: We recommend you skip the calorie-rich sauces and additives that come with your sushi orders!


4. Derma-Roll Your Skin

In case you haven’t heard of derma-rolling, it’s a dermatological practice that you can perform at home, which helps vanish various types of skin complication marks such as acne scars, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation. A derma-roller is a device with two ends, one with a handle and on the other is a roller with lots of small fine needles on its exterior. The process is simple, all you got to do is roll the device on the desired part of the skin. The rolling opens little holes in your skin which kick-starts the production of collagen. This after a set number of sessions helps reduce the appearance of scars/wrinkles, after a set number of sessions.

5. Invest in Silk Pillows

Most of us grew up sleeping on cartoon printed and colorful cotton pillowcases and continued sleeping on similar materials as we matured. The bad news is, these attractive pillowcases aren’t the friendliest option to your skin. Since their fabric is rough and causes friction forces onto your skin that may erode your skin’s surface. Investing in silk pillowcases is a finer idea, since the silk fabric is softer and kinder to your skin by retaining the moisture in your skin, which will positively impact your skin long-term.

6. Avoid dramatic facial expressions

Ever caught yourself midst an argument and felt your brows and forehead tighten up fiercely. If you take a quick look in your mirror, you will see that these dramatic expressions are impacting your skin in an unfavorable way. Facial changes, like squinting, smiling for prolonged periods of time and furrowing your eyebrows when you are mad, are tightening up your face lines and making them more obvious over time. Best thing you can do for your skin is try to express yourself a little less using your face!

7. Eat Less Refined Sugar

You can find more health related articles preching this and for a good cause. Even though the harms are well documented, it can never be stressed enough. Refined sugars are the most immense gateway to chronic diseases including certain cancers, diabetes, heart and liver diseases. Not to mention, it obviously causes many skin complications. Compounds in sugar, are proven to accelerate aging effects that cause your skin to wear out.


The sad truth is no matter how much we try to refrain from refined sugars, the food industry never runs out of ways to sneak it into our foods. However, by being extra cautious with the food labels and alternative sugar terms, spotting sugars may become easier.


These few tips are not a promise that you will not end up having wrinkles as you age. Wrinkles are part of an inevitable process that is aging. These tricks are only to help you delay the formation of your wrinkles or help make them look less obvious in the long term. After all, your wrinkles are proof that you lived and enjoyed your life. You laughed, cried and lived your days spontaneously and those wrinkles are your beauty badge of honor!