If you still believe that you’re going to gain weight this Ramadan just because you won’t be able to resist all the tasty desserts coming out this Ramadan. Between, professional fitness tips, ways to stay hydrated while fasting, your 1st week’s survival guide and this list of healthiest Ramadan desserts you can buy, you will never fear to gain weight in Ramadan again. 

Well, we don’t take no for an answer very easily here at TDC, so we did some research and found out how we can have our ‘Konafa’ and eat it too. Luckily, some of our favorite wholesome restaurants are introducing your favorite Ramadan desserts in the healthiest way possible.




As much as we all love our beloved konafa with mango, give something else a try this Ramadan with this new way of eating Konafa in a totally healthy and guilt-free way. Try this strawberry konafa with homemade Greek yogurt found at inseason.





Katayf, Zalabya and Sawaba Zeinab

Who would have guessed that one day we could find gluten, sugar, and dairy free Katayf! As long as you’ve got your mouth wide open with shock, why not fill it with deliciously healthy Katayef. Go to Sea Salt bakery for your Ramadan treat fix.




Vegans! Rejoice!! You once beloved Ramadan treat has been made especially for you so you can indulge all you want without an ounce of guilt towards anything with a face. This vegan dairy and gluten free basbousa is something you can’t ignore this Ramadan, just look at it, from Sea Salt bakery.




Sobia, Karkade, Kharoub

Oh My! Your favorite Ramadan drinks have now taken their rightful place on the “Healthy Drinks” shelf with Lychee’s new line of healthy all natural, preservative free, Ramadan Drinks. Kharoub.






Qamar Al-Dein

One of our Ramadan treats staple has been made healthy, guilt-free and is deliverable right to your home, (we know the after Iftar zombie state is real) so you don’t have to even get off your couch to indulge in this sweet and healthy treat. Order it from GLOW and remove the “I” from guilty!





Step away from the Nutella jar, because this chocolatey goodness is going to be your next favorite indulgence, and the best part is that is not a crime against your diet to eat. You can find this sugar free, dairy free and eggless chocolate – avo mouse at Hale Kitchen.






Summer is upon us and nothing beats the hot summer nights like a good old bowl of ice-cream, even if you are on a plant-based diet, because Earthly Delights veganized your favorite summer treat. It’s dairy free, gluten free, soy free and flavor packed.






If you thought these little pieces of heaven could not come in healthy form, Nola proved you wrong with their Almond gluten-free cupcake and their dairy-free sweet potato cupcake. A must try!!







So, now we all don’t have any excuse as to why we’re straying from our healthy lifestyle ways just because that Konafa is too good not to pass up, or that Karakeh is calling your name. We hope you get as much use of this list as possible, and we wish you the happiest healthiest Ramadan yet.