When you’re working out, you want to do a few things for your hair, like keep it out of your face. But the most important things that you want it to do for you are:

  • Stay in its place
  • Stay off of your neck
  • Look good even with a bit of sweat in it

We all hate it when after spending 20 minutes fumbling with your hair to stay in place, it falls apart 5 mins into your workout routine. That’s why we’re giving you 7 hairstyles that will hopefully help you be a bit more excited about working out.

1. Braided Bun


If you’re running or doing a lot of cardio, your hair will need more than just a knot to stay in its place. Braiding those locks before twisting them into a bun will help the bun be more stable.



2. French Braid Ponytail


Braiding your hair before pulling it into a ponytail will help keep any bangs or short pieces of hair from slipping out of the ponytail while moving around.

3. Pull-Through Braid


This is an upgrade your average braid. It’s kind of a mix between a braid and a ponytail, but it’s going to be great for securing your hair and keeping it there.

Directions: Gather your hair to make a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Split into sections, one on top of the other. Split the bottom section in two, and pull the top section down between the bottom split section. Recombine the split section and secure that section with an elastic. Continue this pattern all the way down to the end.


4. French Braid Pigtails



This look gives off all kinds of tough girl vibes and isn’t that how we all want to look when we’re working out? Pull your hair into some French braided pigtails and you’ll be feeling those Rocky Balboa vibes pushing you through your workout.


5. Fishtail Braid


Loose side braids can fall out while working out. Instead, opt for a tight fishtail that’s funkier and will last throughout your whole training session.

6. Headbands

If you’re not feeling a ponytail, braid, or a top up knot, try a thick headband. It keeps your bangs and baby hair from your face while making you feel free to move with no hair getting in the way.


7. Bubble Ponytail


Put your hair up (or down) in a very normal ponytail, but instead of just leaving it to get tangled or get in your hair and/or mouth, spice it up by sectioning your hair with hair ties to get this bubble look.


Keep working out and kicking butt this year and look even better while doing it because now you have these sassy (and stunning) 7 hairstyles to try out every day! What’s your go-to gym hairstyle, is it one of the mentioned above? Which was your favorite of the ones seen here? Send this to your workout buddy and you can even coordinate hairstyles together!