Some people spend hours and hours at the gym doing cardio to lose weight. Others ditch carbs and eat only proteins hoping to achieve their weight loss goals faster. Some people do a quick google search and follow the first program they find to help them reach their ideal body. When these people find themselves not reaching their desired goals they get frustrated and don’t understand how other people following the same program or diet are reaching their goals. Today I am going to tell you why you don’t achieve results and why you don’t feel any progress although you go to the gym 3 to 5 times weekly. I am sure more of you will relate and I will tell you exactly what to do to beat this plateau you are hitting, let us get started.


1. You are doing too much cardio

Cardio is good but with moderation, cardio is one of the things that “the more is worse, not better” the more you do cardio the more you put your body under stress which releases your stress hormones “cortisol mainly” which breaks down your muscle cells and actually makes you gain fat in your abdominal area. Many types of research lately connected between heart problems and long distance running. Instead, focus on sprinting while doing interval training, interval training is reaching the maximum heart rate you can reach for a very short period of time “30-60 seconds” and recover for 1-2 minutes” any 1:2 ratio. Interval training will get you the best fat loss results and will improve your cardiac health plus it’s more fun and challenging.


2. You don’t lift heavy with proper form”male or female”

Any program that won’t improve your strength gains and won’t improve your muscle gains is a total waste of your time and energy. Muscles will help you speed up your metabolism, make you stronger and will increase your explosive power which is beneficial for your sprint speed, as we discussed in the first point, and you cannot gain muscles without gains in your strength.


3. You don’t eat enough

This is a mistake a lot of beginners do, some clients think that eating once or twice a day will help them achieve their weight loss goal. This is wrong . You have to fuel your body with the good source of energy to help your workouts and to speed up your metabolism too. The whole goal of the “resistance training/cardio” process is to speed your metabolism up which will prevent your body from storing body fat. Actually eating more small healthy portions will help your system, speed your metabolism and help your strength/muscle gains we talked about in the second point.


4. You are following the wrong program

Personal variations are key. You cannot just follow a program from the internet and expect big results. Your training program must be customized just for you, according to your goals and time table. Hire a trusted personal trainer, talk to him/her, explain to them every detail about your life, any medical condition you might be having any chronic injuries you have, he/she will guide you into making the life modifications you need to lead the healthy lifestyle.


5. You rest too much between sets

While training your heart rate shouldn’t drop under 70% of its maximum, without bothering you with scientific calculations, you should never breathe easily during your 60 minutes of training, you have to get your body out of its comfort zone and put it under stress, that’s how you progress. You are not in the gym to chill or chitchat, you have to put in work, otherwise, accept being the same person every year.


6. You stop when it hurts

Muhammad Ali used to say I don’t count my sit ups until it starts to hurt and Arnold Schwarzenegger believed in the “last 3 reps” concept, for Arnold those are the reps that cause the maximum muscle growth, and they hurt the most. I think there is nothing more to be said after those 2 legends.


7. Surrendering to the emotional defeat 

An emotional defeat of any kind demands a very strong person to rise back up, things like the death of someone close, a friend who flew away, a breakup or betrayal from someone close. Any emotional defeat that happens to you, you cannot let it break you, you must get up stronger than before and don’t just train when you feel like it. It’s about the days you don’t feel good too. “Remember it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done” – Rocky Balboa

I believe if you are not achieving your goals or you are not seeing a progress in your training, you are doing at least one of those mistakes, I hope you start doing the needed adjustments.


**You can get it touch with Ahmed Torky, [email protected].