Smartphone addiction is a real thing! As real as the hand-held device you’re probably reading this on right now. As much as we hate to admit it but we’re addicted to our phones and our computers. While staying online and always on your phone isn’t necessarily all bad (like when you’re getting your Daily Crisp fix!), we want some way to keep our smartphone addiction in check. So here are 7 ways you can keep using your phone without it hindering your holistic mindful way of life.


1. Set your daily affirmation/mantra as a reminder

If you believe in the power of repeating positive affirmation or mantra along your day, then you know how important it is to keep reminding yourself until they really sink in. This is why you can use your phone to set your preferred mantra/ affirmation as a reminder along the day. Now, your phone is actually helping you stay kind and connected to your inner self. Reminding you of what a magical being you really are.

Good examples of mantras to use:

“I am whole”

“I further my career with every action I take”

” My body is beautiful, I’m in love with every cell in my body”

” I am the best ___”

“I find love everywhere I go”

“My body is filled with healing energy every time I inhale”


2. Download apps to help you de-stress and meditate

If there is one thing that’s in absolute abundance when it comes to technology, it’s apps. You can probably find an app for every single thing you do along your day, so why not find one that helps you handle everyday stress. We at TDC love the Calm app but there are so many other apps that show you small things to do to de-stress.


3. Use your password to empower you

If you think about it, your password is probably the number one word or code you use every day. You type it in every time you want to log in to your device, and since we established that you’re probably somewhat addicted to technology then you’re typing in that password A LOT. Basically, what you’re going to do is just pick a password that fills you up with positivity. Using your mantra or affirmation as your password will surely up your self-awareness game and subconsciously affect you in the best way possible.

Imagine having to type in “I am awesome” every time you login in your laptop, the chances of you not feeling awesome are going to be practically non-existent.


4. Choose your background wisely

If your eyes are locked on a screen most of the day, make sure it’s pretty darn motivating. If you spend most of your time on the computer, then choose a wallpaper that sparks a light in your being when you see it every day. The same thing applies to your hand-held devices. You can even use your background as your vision board and have pictures of all that motivates you and keeps you going on the days your feeling not-so-great.


5. Take advantages of your phone’s digital health features

Most smartphones these days are really paying attention to “Digital Health” applications and features of their new Operating Systems  Take the new iPhone Operating System, for instance, it automatically turns on the “Do Not Disturb” feature when you set a bedtime, ensuring your phone only wake you up when it’s supposed to. You could also use the new feature that comes with IOS 12 for iPhone that allows you to set a limit to certain apps. You can set a limit for how much you use your social media apps, for example, every day, so you can really get a grip on how much you’re feeding your smartphone addiction.


6. Avoid any screen time an hour before bed

Part of a great bedtime routine is avoiding all blue light at all costs at least an hour before bed, to really allow your body to register it’s night time. You can do this by just excerising your sheer will to avoid your phone’s screen (and all other screens). You can also do it by using your “Down Time” feature if you’re an iPhone user. Downtime is a new feature on the new IOS 12 that lets your phone silence all notifications. You can set it to start at 10 pm and end when you wake up for starters, therefore removing temptation and giving you a good night’s sleep.


7. Keep technology in its place

The sad truth is that we’ve got so accustomed to having our phones with us everywhere we go. Even the bathroom is not off limits (don’t pretend it’s not true). We just don’t realize that we can’t have our phone with us everywhere we go. Places like your bedroom, the bathroom (for obvious hygiene reasons), your child/baby room, when you’re in deep conversation with someone should all be off limits when it comes to technology. Allow yourself to really understand that there is a time to use technology and a time to revert back to our cave-man self. This really is the best way to kick this “smartphone addiction” we have in the derriere.


Our lives were meant to become easier using technology, they weren’t meant to be run by it. So long as you know the difference, you’ll be fine. If you want to know how living without social media for an entire week is like