Updated on March 2021

Buying gifts for the people you love is generally a good idea, but when it comes to our moms, you can make it way more special. Our moms deserve some thoughtfulness, some kind of appreciation gestures, more than anybody else. Most of our moms do not really want expensive gifts, because even when it comes to the holiday named after them, they still think about our own comfort. I believe that sometimes they need us to pay attention to their details and their interests, as women, not just as our mothers.

That’s why this year, I’m encouraging you to make them feel special, to put an effort in planning something for them depending on their interests, and to give them a memory they can never forget.  So, here is a list that may fit different moms with different interests, but of course, the common thing between them all is their beautiful hearts.

Oh, and please feel free to modify any of the ideas below according to what your mom likes.

1. Pamper Your Mama

Whether by offering them a free day at a spa, or a single service there like a massage, steam/sauna, mani/pedi, or even a new haircut. Also, it would be much better and more fun if you spent the day with them since it will help you bond over doing something that will totally make them feel like queens.

2. Do the Housework

Our moms are the ones who do most of the housework, even if they do not do it personally or if they have help, they still are the ones who actually care about feeding you, about the house cleanliness and mainly about each and every family member’s wellbeing. Personally, I still call my mom when I cannot find any item of my own clothes and she always has the answer. So why don’t we try to switch roles this year? You can start the day off by making them breakfast in bed, clean up the house or at least their room, and cook them dinner in addition to a nice dessert.

3. A Letter

Love letters are what lovers exchange to express their passion to each other in the most sincere and romantic way. Well, hold on, who deserves to feel loved more than our moms? It’s okay if you are not the type of person who is considered as a ‘ sweet talker ‘, you can express how much she means to you in written words. Actually, a letter is something she will never forget, you may find her reading it on her bad days, and it will last forever too.

4. Play Her Favorites

It means a lot to our moms when we notice their favorite things. For example, play her favorite movie, her favorite song, along with her favorite flowers/drink/meal. The purpose is, to make each detail revolve around her and that you pay attention and know exactly what she loves.

5. A 365 Days Jar

As cliche as it may sound to some of you guys, this may actually mean the world to our moms. Since unintentionally we may not be there for them on a daily basis, and sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we do not give them the feelings they deserve, this jar is to remind them of their importance in your life no matter where you are and no matter how far you could be.

6. Bake a Cake

Youtube will get you there, I promise. Try watching a tutorial if you have never done it and follow the steps to bake your mom a cake with her name on it. The good news is; even if you failed, your mom will still be the happiest person alive that you even tried. But please do not ruin it by not cleaning up the kitchen after you.

7. A Night Out

You can take her on a fancy date, or a memorable place. It does not matter where you take her, as long as it’s a night off of all the stress our moms suffer from.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.