Traveling abroad can seem very hard and an unobtainable goal for some people, especially if you’re low on a budget or thinking of taking your kids with you.

But if you analyze all the situations you might be put in and carefully plan out your trip (according to your budget) before you travel, you will have an affordable trip, that you thought you might not afford before.


1. Choose Airfare Tactfully

The cost of Airfare can be very high or very low depending on various things; the days of the week can even affect the prices. Travel experts recommend purchasing tickets somewhere between 50 and 100 days before your departure. You can also reduce your expenses by as much as 20% by selecting flights that depart on a Thursday and return on a Monday. Another good way to cut costs is by choosing an airline that offers a layover rather than flying directly to your destination.

You can use Skyscanner or Kayak to find the cheapest flights when traveling. Something like Skyscanner can even tell you when is the best time of the month to buy cheap tickets and the cheapest month to find flights in the whole year.


2. Be A Careful Eater

Who doesn’t always get caught up in the whim of wanting to try new food while on a trip abroad? We know we do! Choosing the high-class restaurants isn’t always the best idea especially when your wallet is concerned. You might get shocked after eating when you see your check and find out your food just cost you an arm and a leg. On the other hand, if you go to a café or if you even try a street vendor, the experience is much more fun and it is the better financial choice. Plus, you’ll experience the city you’re in like the locals do.


3. Resort to the Cheapest Transportation

What’s better than being able to go sightseeing while not having to pay much for it? Walking is always the best method from a cost perspective, and it will allow you to truly experience a new town. But when this is not a suitable option, looking online for the cheapest bus or train tickets can be very helpful. Booking your transportation tickets online can save you time and money, along with eliminating the hassle of attempting to communicate in a different language while you are traveling abroad.

For buses in the US and Europe, you can check Omio or The Train Line for Europe destinations. You can find countless websites that cater to transportation to whichever country you’re traveling to.


4. Look into Your Accommodations

Choosing a hotel from a known chain is best when you aren’t used to sharing space or if you have children with you, but otherwise, you might think of a hostel. Make sure that you select a rental that is close to the downtown area or located near a bus or train line, though, or else you will waste your saved lodging money on transportation. And of course, make sure to check the reviews online!

One of our favorite websites to find deals on hotels and hostels is You can also use Trivago or Hotels which will find you the cheapest rates and great lodging deals.

5. Download Budget Travel Apps

It is wise of course to book all your accommodations before traveling, but you might be put in a situation where you would need to book a new hotel/hostel. The budget travel apps also help keep track of your expenses and squirrel away as much as possible to keep on enjoying your trip as much as possible.



6. Contact Your Embassy

This might not necessarily be a tip to help save money but it’s important to keep you safe and sound while traveling. On most country’s Embassy Website, there is a page to know what precautions you need to take when you are traveling to the city you enter in the search box. There is a checklist of everything you would need to take to said location, and how to stay safe there. So, before you write that packing list, make sure to visit the countries embassy website first.


7. Cut Cell Phone Costs

If your stay duration is long, you might want to think about how that will affect your phone bill. Considering purchasing a prepaid SIM card once you get settled in is very smart in this case. This is much more budget-friendly than roaming on your phone with your home plan. A “host-nation” prepaid SIM card with voice and data will allow you to make dinner reservations, call a taxi, research the next stop on your tour, and check those work emails you were supposed to ignore. And it’s a lot cheaper than paying for international service!


So, there it is, our guide to saving money on a trip abroad, while still having the time of your life! Send this to your travel buddy and start planning your next vacation with whatever budget you want knowing you can save a lot using these tips.