There is so much to do when it comes to redecorating your home, so much so that you often end up drowning in piles of samples of everything from bathroom tiles, to fabric colors. We often forget that our main goal after all of this hassle is to have a home that gives us all the right vibes. That’s why we simplified things for you and gave you an easy way you can make sure your home is your feel-good sanctuary. We asked Angie Salama, an amazing interior designer that designs with a more holistic approach, for tips on how to fill our home with good vibes and boost our home’s energy.


1. Your walls shouldn’t be fighting your furniture

So many people now are going for that bold paint color for their walls, either having a mural on there or some crazy beautiful wallpaper. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with painting your walls some crazy beautiful color or using textured wallpaper, as long as you make sure you’re using neutral colored furniture to complement your walls. You can’t have a brightly colored wall with an equally bright sofa in front of it, it’s just too much going on in one corner of the room. It’s best to choose colors that coordinate well together or complement each other, all the while trying to keep the number of colors to a minimum if you’re going for that simple sophisticated calm look. This way you’re ensuring your space has the colors that represent who you are and at the same time, there is no conflict in colors in your space so as not to invite conflict in emotions or your vibrational energy.

2. White walls are not your enemy

Not sure why white walls have developed such a bad reputation lately. Often you find people nowadays staying away from white walls just because they “resemble that of a hospital” or they have too much of a “clinic” feel while in fact, they represent clarity and sophistication giving you an air of calm. Actually, walls painted white are the perfect blank canvas for you to take full creative freedom with your furniture color choices, just make sure your walls and your furniture don’t clash as we mentioned before, not to forget your home accessories as well. You can use this color to elevate your room’s height giving you an open space by painting the ceiling a lighter shade of white than your walls. We also can’t deny how easy a white wall is to touch up and refresh.

3. Make sure your space flatters you

This is actually an awesome way to instantly elevate your home’s energy and your personal energy as well. All you have to do is find out which color do you love wearing the most, which one that complements your natural features, your eyes, your hair color, and use it to paint your bathroom. That way, every time you look in your bathroom mirror in the morning or as you’re getting ready you’ll always see yourself in your best light, giving you an instant boost of good vibes to start your day with the best mood. You can even use this trick for your living room or the room you receive your guests in, so no matter who’s visiting you, you know you’ll feel your most confident because your home literally compliments you as a person perfectly well.

4. Let your home office enhance your work focus

If working from home is your life situation right now, then why not use your home decor to give you a healthy environment to work in that boosts your productivity and enhances your concentration levels. Using shades of green is a great way to achieve that, and we’re not just talking about plants. You can add cushions or use wallpaper that have a leaf print like this print from Naseej By Mardini, or even go as far as paint a wall in your home office green.

5. Relaxing colors belong in relaxing rooms

Ever wondered why you feel so relaxed the moment you walk into a Spa or Meditation center? If you pay attention to the colors they use, you’ll notice that this is because they always use a very relaxing color palette that instantly quiets your mind and calms your spirit. This is the power of choosing relaxing colors, shades of blue, yellow, green and lavender even are amazing to use for any room you want to radiate soothing energy. Rooms like the kitchen and bedroom can be painted light dusty shades of blues, greys, and greens. Keep in mind not to go overboard with the color blue, while it’s a calm color, it can give off a cold feeling if used in large amounts. Always try to balance out your colors with natural materials like wood, or soft linen and remember that a great rule of thumb is the darker the shade of color you choose, the more powerful its effect.

6. The Kitchen is the heart of the home

Your kitchen is so much more than just the place you cook. It’s where you go to make food and end up eating half of it with your family before it reaches the dining table because you know they couldn’t resist the yummy smell coming from it. Kitchens are where we feel our most content, filled with good food and surrounded by loved ones chatting and nibbling away at dinner before it’s served. This is why, it’s vital you choose the right colors for your kitchen, the ones that fill you up with good happy vibes and invite great positive energy, so you can channel that energy into the food you’re cooking (and eating). Sticking with natural earthy tones invites warm serene energy and seeing as how the kitchen is hardly a slow-paced room in your home, it’s good to have that calming effect around.
Image: Live Light Photography

7.  Go to Mother Earth for inspiration

When choosing a color scheme for each room, keep in mind where does the room lie on the compass. If the room is facing North it will have a colder light hitting its wall, while if it’s facing South the colors will take on a warmer brighter appearance. Keep that in mind while picking colors for your home, so you can bring in the right energy by choosing the perfect colors to fit a cooler or warmer toned room. Also, using colors that naturally belong in nature is your best bet when trying to give your home that natural glow (yes, our homes can glow as well). Sticking with colors that are more nature-based, with earthy tones and hues is an insanely effective way to bring serenity and tranquility to your space.

Another great trick is showcasing Mother Earth in your furniture, you can use fabric that has a floral print you’re in love with, or a leaf design that brings your inner forest goddess. You can find beautiful fabric with all the different prints and colors we mentioned above all locally made at Naseej By Mardini.
Using these simple steps, you can easily spruce up your living space with just a few touches here and there, and if you’re completely redoing your home (or decorating it for the first time) this is a great guideline to help you easily create a safe haven for you and your family. You might also want to know 4 ways to incorporate art into your home without using paintings.