In 2016, we saw a rise in health trends as an overall wellness consciousness spread around the world. Every year new wellness trends spring upon us, leaving us overwhelmed with what to believe, what to research and most importantly what to follow. 2016 was the year turmeric, matcha, acai and juice cleanses, but with the New Year ahead of us, 2017 has some new wellness trends in stock for us…

Anti-inflammatory foods are slowly creeping into our diets. 2016 saw a major highlight on anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric and ginger – combined to make the health highlight of 2016 golden milk. Inflammation is responsible for things like bloating and acne, which is why these foods have received such great response. Fighting our health problems with food has become widely accepted and understood throughout 2016 and is continuing in 2017.

Whole 30 – Whole30 is a 30-day clean-eating plan intended to change eating habits by cutting out foods that are believed to affect your health negatively. The list of foods to be completely avoided during the 30-day diet include dairy, sugar, soy, grains and legumes. There isn’t any calorie counting involved so you can eat as much as you want from the list of approved foods. You’re promised better energy levels, better health, better digestion, better sleep and weight loss at the end of the 30 days. Any diet this restrictive is bound to make you feel deprived and oh-so-tempted to cheat on it! Plus, this is not a long term plan, it only  functions as a short term solution, so it seems to us that this plan is not something that should be on your list of resolutions.

Plant based foods are on an upwards curve and we don’t think they’ll be declining any time soon. More awareness has been brought to the fact that not all protein needs to come from animals. Big brands are now producing plant protein products such as powders and bars. This doesn’t mean that the world is necessarily seeing more vegans and vegetarians. But rather, even those who eat animal proteins are incorporating non-animal proteins in their diets. A lot of menus have incorporates delicious meals around plant-based foods.

The Soup Cleanse – Juice cleanses are no longer the hype they used to be; cold weather and soups have taken over. Unlike with juicing, souping allows you to consume whole foods – so you’re not just drinking the juice of foods but rather you’re consuming the actual food just in hot-liquid form. The Soup cleanse consists of having one serving on soup six times a day (or more if your body needs it) for three days. As far as healthy eating is concerned, the soup cleanse is actually much healthier than the juice cleanse. You spend three days stocking up on vegetables and away from sugar-dairy-gluten. While TDC does not support detoxes, this a good way to break from your mindless eating ways and reset – but there is little science or evidence to back up that souping for 3 days will detox your body.

Natural beauty products – Slowly, 2016 saw awareness about the labels and ingredients that go into our beauty products. Mainstream beauty products will start to be sidelined in 2017 as more natural and safer ingredients start to make their way into our daily health routine. Natural beauty products are definitely going to win our hearts in 2017

The Ketogenic Diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet plan. The aim of this eating plan is to reach ketosis, which is a state where the body uses up the fat it has as a primary fuel instead of the normal use of carbs. The theory behind this diet is that after a few days on the diet, the body’s carb storage becomes depleted and weight loss kicks in. Essentially, when you eat a low carbohydrate diet, this causes blood sugar levels to drop and your body begins to break down fat to use as energy. The problem with eating no or so little carbohydrates is that your body eventually will become very fatigued, you could lose muscle, experience headaches and dizziness and on the long-term weight loss might become difficult. The ketogenic diet is more of a wellness trend at this point than a habit that you should adopt.

Clean Eating – Ditching the detoxes, cleanses, 3-day diet fixes and opting for a clean eating lifestyle instead! This is definitely one wellness trend that is long overdue. Juices are being replaces with whole foods, organic foods are on the rise and detoxes are now left for the body to do on it’s own. TDC is glad that whole foods are now trending.