If you love art, but dread the thought of going from gallery to gallery looking for that one perfect painting to compliment your home we have found the solution for you. Eight solutions actually. We have found eight artists that are showcasing their art on their social media platforms and websites, giving you a chance to browse through their art, read their story and understand their inspiration before you buy one of their masterpieces.

Here are 8 inspiring artists, showcasing their art online and giving you the chance to buy your art from the comfort of your own home:


Designology By NB

You can find their paintings sold online here,  where the paintings are being sold for a range of 4000 EGPto 10,000 EGP. You can also contact them directly for any painitings.


Merayti Arts By Yasmine Amer

You can contact Yasmine directly through her Facebook or Instagram page for any inquiries or purchases.


Hend Amin Artworks

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Hend Amin Artworks is an online gallery, you can contact her through her Facebook or Instagram Page where you will find her work, which includes not-so typical canvases and other forms of artwork.


Yasmin Barakat

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Yasmin’s work is process-oriented, focussing on the human condition and reaction to forms of motion and nature. You can check out her work on her website or on her instagram page.


Nora El Saady Paintings

You can find Nora’s paintings sold online here, ranging from 5000 EGP to 15,000 EGP


Nour’s Art 

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“Most of my work is a reflection of my emotions and need to portray reality in an abstract form.”

You can find her paintings sold online here ranging from 3000 EGP to 7000 EGP.


Artistri By Dina Samaha 

Dina Samaha, an architect/interior designer with a big passion for art, helps you find the perfect artwork to make your space stand out, linking design and decoration knowledge with art

You can find her paintings sold online here, ranging from 2000 EGP to 9000EGP


Diala Naguib Art 

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You can check out Diala’s work on her Facebook or Instagram page and you can email her at [email protected] for inquires.