It seems that every other week a new fitness or nutrition myth makes it way to the internet and unfortunately so many people believe it. While there are many different takes on fitness and nutrition, there are a few myths that have been circulating for too long and need to be busted. Whoever said that yoga wasn’t for body builders and that “carbs are the enemy”? There are some fitness and nutrition myths that have become embedded in some people’s minds.
Today we will discuss them and tell you why they’re wrong and what you should be doing.


Myth 1: “I can eat whatever I want as long as I’m training”

Well, this is the biggest myth of them all.

Come on guys, it’s about losing your fat storage not refilling it after every session. If you want to lose excess body fat you have to burn more than you eat, so unless you want to waste your energy, time and money; Don’t do that.


Myth 2: “Lifting weights will make me bulky”

Ok Ladies, unless you have high testosterone levels in your blood, which you don’t, you won’t gain muscle that easy. You won’t look like men if you lift weights even if you wanted. Instead, you will be strong, toned, and healthy. Lifting weights will make you lose fat “up to 600 calories for every KG of muscle you gain”

You will have a strong bone structure and a more balanced physique.


Myth 3: “I will gain fat by eating healthy fats”

You have to eat “healthy” fats to lose fat! Eating healthy fats will lower your LDL “the bad cholesterol” and raise your HDL “the good cholesterol,” which will benefit your cardiovascular system, increase the blood flow all over your body and decrease the stroke risk and cardiovascular diseases.


Myth 4: “Squats are bad for my knees and deadlift is bad for my  back”

Those two myths have been created by people who fear hard work. Squats are actually good for your knees if done with the correct form and deadlift is the best exercise to build a strong shield around your spinal cord and protect your posterior chain by strengthening it and giving you the right posture.


Myth 5: “Carbohydrates are going to make me fat”

Another famous myth that needs to be busted!

Not the carbohydrates that will make you fat, but rather the type of carbohydrates you eat and when you eat them.

There are high glycemic carbs  that get digested too fast, like potatoes and low glycemic carbs that get digested slowly, therefore, don’t elevate your sugar levels fast, like sweet potato and brown rice.

The high glycemic carbs should be consumed when sugar levels are low “mainly post workout”  and the low glycemic carbs should be consumed 2 hours pre any physical activity to fuel your system and give you the energy you need to perform.

So it’s all about the timing and knowing when to consume what type of carbs.


Myth 6: “It doesn’t matter when I go to bed as long as I sleep 8 hours”

A study claimed that you can lose up to 9 pounds by just sleeping 2 hours earlier. Sleeping late elevates your stress hormone “cortisol”. Cortisol breaks down your muscles and increases your belly fat. Sleeping earlier, on the other hand, enhances your recovery by elevating your growth hormone levels and decreasing your cortisol levels. So it’s better to sleep let’s say from 11 pm to 6 in the morning than to sleep from 3 am to 11.


Myth 7: “Muscles will make me stiff and I won’t be able to do my yoga and Pilates”

WRONG. You need to have a balanced functional physique. All you need to focus on is stretching post your workout and doing all the exercises with full range of motion. Do not do half reps with a short range of motion because this will affect your flexibility.

So it’s actually the other way round; a strong muscular system will make your yoga and Pilates more efficient.


Myth 8: “I must have a cheat day to confuse my system”

You don’t have to do that.

My advice is if you are already on track don’t get off track just to have a cheat day or cheat meal. Stay consistent. I personally think cheat days are for beginners who still can’t fight their craving. You can go all the way without cheating and your system will handle it very well don’t worry!


I hope I helped clarify some of those myths for you. There are many more. Don’t be ashamed to ask your qualified trainer about any myth you hear from any gym rat and don’t just follow anything without doing your research.